Michela, our colleague from Legal Department, shares her adventures and emotions of trip to Uganda with Big Beyond

“One day you will go to Africa, in a remote and rural areas and follow the production of Arabica coffee for self-sustainable local communities, then you tell stories to children in the local village schools and gather testimonies of life among the natives, with pen and paper in hand…” If someone told me this few years ago I probably would have thought it would remain just a dream, to be shared during summer evenings with friends, with a glass of wine in hand while gazing the night sky.

But then one morning you open your eyes and you find yourself under a mosquito net canopy, awakening gently to the sound of the singing children of the nearby Hope Nursery School.

Welcome to Africa!

Describing the emotions that this country makes me feel takes time, because only time will help me to comprehend the wonderful vortex in which I entered.

Without falling into platitudes or rhetoric, surely it is not an easy country. There are moments when you feel suddenly get that knot in my throat for an unexpected gesture, a free smile, a child who desperately chases you while you’re on the bike just to give you “hi five”, a harsh reality that is not always a pleasant sight to see. But I chose to love Africa (…or maybe Africa chose me) and it feels like any other relationship in life, if the feeling is strong, you accept qualities and flaws equally.

No country nor love is perfect.

I am in Uganda, in a remote, rural village: Higabiro Village in the house of Big Beyond. We are surrounded by breathtaking nature, in the early morning the valleys seem shy as they hide in the mist, providing a unique sense of tranquility.

I rediscovered the value and respect for the Earth that feeds us and gives us precious gifts every day.

I’ve learned to recognize the coffee plantations and the right processing in order to create local cooperatives for the Arabica coffee production. The collaboration and unity is strength … and here it is also the also the base of the economy!

I thought this experience was my challenge … instead it will be to return to the materialism of my life in a big European city.

A friend of mine before told me leaving for this adventure told me: “You were right, by dint of dreaming of something sometimes come true!”


August 2016, Uganda

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