What do punctuality and charity have in common? Find out how Neomobile found a way to link these two together!

As the saying goes, time is money. Nowhere is this truer than in an international environment like Neomobile’s with numerous offices spread all over the world. Between long commutes, time zones, lunch hours and coffee breaks, it’s easy to lose track of time. Here at Neomobile, we always try our best to respect good time management habits, both for ourselves and our fellow team mates. After all, respect is one our 7 corporate values that we believe in.

With the grand opening of our new HQ in Rome, Italy, we also started a new tradition amongst our colleagues: The tardy money box system.  In a company as dynamic as Neomobile, time is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  That’s why it’s important to motivate everyone to respect time. In order to stress the value and importance of our meeting rooms and optimize their use, we installed a money box in every meeting room and developed a common practice to insert 1 Euro for every minute you are late to a meeting, a great incentive to be punctual!

The next question we asked ourselves as a company was how to use this money. Neomobile held an internal survey where every colleague had the opportunity to vote. The results came in and a large 53% of the company wanted the money to be donated to charities devoted to humanitarian aid or related causes.

Check out our video below!