This week, Neomobile is taking a closer look at this summer’s top 3 Android gaming apps in Spain, along with their monetization techniques.

What does it take for an app to become a hit in Spain? According to a study by eMarketer, Spain’s mobile market has been seeing a slight decline which means competition is stiff and the market is reaching a mature state. Digital buyers in Spain purchase frequently, and enjoy being on their mobile devices. Developers need the perfect monetization structure to compete in today’s Spanish market.

An in-depth look at the App Annie stats reveals the top gaming apps for Android this July in Spain. Leading the charts is the recently mobile followed closely by Despicable Me and the popular Prize Claw. Each app usually implements its own unique method to monetize, whether it be in-app purchases or in app advertising or even the ever popular video ads.

The famous game,, originally started as a very successful browser game.

It gained 7 million downloads in its first weekend without a single penny spent on User Acquisition. This app instead gained success through word of mouth on social media site: reddit.

Miniclip launched a mobile version of on July 7, 2015. Since then, the game has enjoyed well over 10 million downloads and became the number one free app spot on Android in Spain this month. It also became the number one free app spot on iOS in the US and 28 other countries.

When it comes to monetization, Chief commercial officer Saad Choudri, says “Right now is only ad supported.” Similar to the web version, the mobile app is currently free.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Gameloft announced its free-to-play release of Despicable Me: Minion Rush in mid-June 2013, according to their press release. It passed 50 million downloads in its first month. In March 2015, the game reached a milestone of half a billion downloads.

In Spain, it held 59th spot in July for most grossing gaming app and the 2nd spot for most downloaded, already proving to be a hit this summer

When it comes to monetizing, the game adopts a freemium model with two in-game currencies: bananas and tokens. With these currencies, in-app purchases can be made to acquire character costumes, unlock skills and upgrades within the game.

Prize Claw

Prize Claw holds the top 3rd downloaded gaming app for Android in Spain. This game that has been around since 2011 was created by Game Circus LLC.  Its age shows in its adopted monetization method which is more thorough than the previous apps mentioned. Prize Claw monetizes through various techniques:

  • In-game banner advertising
  • Watch videos/game ads for additional game play
  • Install other games for additional game play
  • Pay real money for more turns/unlocking features

When you play Prize Claw, you are given a small amount of tries to grab a prize. When the tries are used up, players can wait a minute (while playing) or 15 minutes (when not playing), to receive an extra try. Instead of waiting, players can download another Game Circle mobile game for free credits, or watch a video for another mobile app.

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