Holiday season is the time of reflection and promises to make positive lifestyle changes that are sometimes hard to maintain. This is why we have selected 5 tech resolutions, easy to keep, that will help you reset your tech habits

Technology has been created to make our daily lives more easier, but today it practically runs them, from our work life, to free time. We are always connected, and we often assume bad habits as a consequence. New Year is the perfect time to change your habits and make your digital experiences more enjoyable. Check out these 5 resolutions that will help you break some of the bad tech habits from 2015.

1. Stay safe: update your passwords & start using a password managers or apps

We all know that using just one password for all our online accounts is very convenient but it is also great risk to become a hack victim. Luckily there are numerous apps on the market that generate and store your passwords, almost impossible to crack. We recommend that you check out 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass and KeePass.

2. Say goodbye to inbox infinity – setup rules, filters, or labels and keep your inbox tidy

You might seem lost in your inbox with hundreds of unread mail, but trust us, cleaning and keeping your inbox tidy is not a rocket science. You can do it by yourself by exploring the power of rules and labels, you can filter certain types of mail into separate folders or archive them – the trick is to start using all the feature your inbox offers you, and stop just accumulating incoming mails. Of course, there are some apps that can do all the “dirty” work for you. We recommend trying out these apps: Mailstorm, Inbox by Gmail, and Mailparser.

3. Go paperless – start using note-taking apps and stop struggling to remember everything

2 resolutions in one – help save the environment and stop forgetting things. all you need is a simple note-taking app that can become your precious assistant, and help you organize your work and life. You can try out Google Keep, Evernote and Simplenote.

4. Keep in mind your device hygiene – start cleaning all your smartphone, tablet and computer keyboards on a weekly basis

Have you ever thought about all the germs, fingerprints and food residue that are live on your devices? These numbers might make you think a bit harder: a British study compared the amount of Staphylococcus aureus, the bacteria that can cause staph infections, found on a tablet, toilet seat and a smartphone. To test these items, researchers swabbed 30 individual products of each. Results showed there were on average 600 units of the bacteria on a tablet, 140 on a phone and less than 20 on a toilet seat. Incredible, right? What can you do to keep your devices clean? Well, first of all, wash your hands often and use cleaners and sanitizers to clean all your devices at least once a week. Cheers for you “germ-less” 2016!

5. Increase your attention span by turning off all your push notifications

We are not talking only about improving your social life and actually listening to what people around you are saying, but also about your safety. Did you know that 1 in 4 car accidents is caused by the use of cellphone? The solution is not hands-free talking, because it also causes distraction, but actually turning off the sounds and concentrating only on the road. If you have to use your phone while driving, make more breaks – you will be more relaxed, without endangering anyone!

Stay tech savvy in 2016 with these New Year’s Resolutions!