State of the Mobile Advertising: a brief outline


Digital advertising has come a long way, from one-way communication to multimedia interactivity.

A quick glance to its history can help us understand how it evolved: in 1995 Yahoo launched the first keyword ad “Golf”, in 1997 Finnish news provider offered free news headlines via SMS[1], and in 2000 Google launched AdWords, a pay-per-click service (that now accounts for 95% of Google’s revenues). Then followed the boom of web pop-ups and the social media revolution: YouTube introduced in-video Ads, Twitter enhanced viral marketing within its real-time community and finally Facebook introduced a concept of behaviour-based advertising[2]. The conclusion is unanimous: the best thing that happened to digital advertising is mobile.

The future of the mobile ads market is all about the big numbers; in fact, there are very few global industries that can boast with spending rise of 400% in the next 4 years. The recent Gartner report, “Forecast: Mobile Advertising, Worldwide, 2009-2016” shows, global mobile advertising revenue is forecast to reach $11.4 billion in 2013, up from $9.6 billion in 2012, up to $24.5 billion in 2016. This growth is largely owed to the rapid global expansion of the smart connected devices. The monetization performance is led by iPhone, closely followed by Android devices, while the rest of the mobile phone field is significantly behind, indicating that better usability (i.e. larger screen size, touch screen  and interaction between the advertisement and the device’s functionality (e.g. click to call, expand, play video) have better monetization potential than less capable and less user-friendly devices[3].

In this ever-expanding “click through” world our premium mobile advertising network NeoPowerAd (Neomobile Premium Ad Network has achieved an important milestone: 600 million monthly impressions globally. The growth of the network was driven by the increasing number of publishers (editors, app developers, content provider and gaming companies) who have chosen to monetize their advertising space relying on our innovative technological solutions offered to agencies and clients: various targeting options for their advertising campaigns, including the new rich-media formats offer, for both smartphones and tablet: animations, light landing page, video and many more.

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