The State of the Mobile and App Economy in Italy


Neomobile presents an insight and infographic on some of the most relevant facts & figures from the Mobile & App Economy research, focusing on the Italian Mobile market and its impact on the national economy

Mobile market represents a dynamic and evolving industry, with the increasing positive impact on the digital economies, both globally and locally. In Italy the overall impact that Mobile industry has on the national economy is showing the important growth. The results of the recent Mobile & App Economy research conducted by Politecnico di Milano, show very interesting data regarding the value of Mobile economy: it is currently estimated at €25 billion, but experts predict that by 2016 it will be worth €40 billion, arriving to 2 % of the GDP. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key finding from this research.

The Italian Mobile Ecosystem

The key factors that are currently powering the Italian Mobile ecosystem are:

  • Device sales: the smartphone and tablet sales in 2013 arrived to 37 million and 7.5 million respectively, and will reach 45 and 12 million by 2016
  • Development and expansion of mobile networks: Mobile broadband connectivity in Italy guarantees the quality of service, with the LTE providing high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals, now covering the half of the mobile market
  • Increase in Apps quality and quantity: in 2013 there was the significant increase in the overall quality of the Apps, with improved User Experience compared to web apps; today there are close to 2,5 million Apps and over 2,5 billion downloads since the launch of App Stores

These factors combined are creating the fertile ground for the flourishing of the Mobile economy that, as mentioned earlier, has the estimated value of €25 billion: direct consuming by users and companies represents 83 %, while investments, in both public and private sector, account for 17 %. But the next 3 years will bring very important changes, since estimated data consumption will be 61 % and the investments will rise to 39 %, bringing the value of Italian Mobile economy close to €40 billion or 2 % of the national GDP.

Furthermore, the research provides interesting statistics and previsions regarding Mobile commerce industry, that will rise from the current value of €1,2 billion to over €7 billion in 2016, becoming the main driver of the mobile economy, together with e-commerce. The Mobile content market will also experience important growth, especially related to Gaming and Video streaming, estimated to reach the value of €1 billion in 2016.

In the center of this mobile universe is, of course, the connected user: in Italy there are almost 30 million Mobile surfers. The research gives us an insight on their mobile behavior: the average time spent surfing on mobile device is around 75 minutes daily for smartphone and 66 for tablets, where the most activities are App related. The average user has over 30 Apps installed on his device but the he uses daily only 15 % of it. The most popular Apps among Italians are Social media, Gaming, Weather, Maps, Brands, Public transportation and Travel.

Finally, important part of the research is dedicated to the role that big Telecommunication companies have in the mobile market, as pointed out by Neomobile CEO, Gianluca D’Agostino, during the Mobile App economy conference, presenting the research results. The conclusions were unanimous: the major Operators need to revalue their own core services, such as connectivity and communication and to improve the innovation skills and investments in human capital.

These were some of the most important findings from the Mobile & App Economy research. For more information please visit

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