Start Ups 101 – insightful 2 minute videos by Steve Blank, the father of Lean Start Up movement, unveil tips & tricks for aspiring entrepreneurs

All big companies were once a start ups. In between there are several years of hard work, good vision and motivated team, and of course good timing and a bit of luck. However, sometimes a game changer can be a simple advice, given in the right moment to the right person. We have gathered precious advises for all aspiring start-uppers from the serial entrepreneur Steve Blank. Often called the father of Lean Start Up movement due to his ground breaking work in Customer Development methodology, Blank spent over thirty years within the high technology industry, and he founded or worked within eight startup companies, four of which have gone public.

Check out the selection of videos that might point you in the right direction on your entrepreneurial path.

2 Minutes to See Why


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