Smartphone penetration is on the rise in Spain, so it’s no surprise that the mobile market is expecting to see tremendous growth.

Join us as we read the latest numbers in smartphone sales and the effects it has had on digital users in Spain.

Spain’s High Numbers in Smartphones Surpass the US & UK

While it may be a well-known fact that there are high levels of smartphone penetration in the UK and the US, and climbing steadily. What may surprise you are the numbers in Spain. According to eMarketer, Spain leads these countries in the percentage of mobile phone users who have a smartphone.

According to comScore MobiLens, Spain has surpassed both the US and the UK in the years 2013 and 2014. In fact, this year we see 83% of mobile users in Spain ages 13 and older are using a smartphone, compared to the UK (75%) and in the US (73%).

Spain accounts for one of the highest levels of mobile phone penetration in Europe. eMarketer estimates that 85.4% of the population of Spain will use a mobile phone this year. The only countries that will boast a greater share of residents with mobile phones are Denmark, Finland and Norway. In the UK, the share will be less than 81%.

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With more smartphones being purchased in Spain, we can take a look at the other parts of the mobile industry that are seeing growth and change.

How Users in Spain Use Mobile Internet and Social Media Apps

Spain has long been market as a leader in smartphone penetration within Europe. In 2013, the number of phones had already surpassed Spain’s population, bringing the penetration to 118%. According to PuroMarketing, 61% of these were using smart phones and tablets. Thanks to these high numbers, Spain is looking forward to a very healthy mobile commerce market and also high numbers in social media and internet usage via mobile.

Social media is a top activity for mobile users in Spain.  A large 44% of users use social media apps on their smartphone daily.

In fact, according to a survey by the Interactive Advertising Beueau (IAB) in Spain published in April 2014, , Facebook is the preferred network used by 94% of survey eyed participants for an average of 4,84 hours a week. According to the same social media survey, IAB names YouTube as the second most popular social media platform with an average of 3,62 hours, followed by twitter’s 3,42 hours a week.

Today, a typical user in Spain spends 1,45 hours a day surfing the net on their phone. 89% of them use this time to research local information, while 80% use their mobile to research products and services they plan on purchasing. A high 25% of these surfers end up making purchases via mobile.

Neomobile Monetizes the Mobile Market in Spain

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