Join us as we seek the answer to a key question that businesses face each day: how many social media experts does it take to change a light bulb?

Advances in technology and business practices have altered the career landscape, rendering some jobs nearly obsolete and creating entirely new sectors. The rise of digital media has created numerous new professions that were almost unimaginable 10 years ago. Weather they are new occupations or simply new ways of meeting existing needs, they are here to stay.

The field of media has expanded rapidly in the last decade from print, radio and television to a whole new range of digital formats. New media professionals use the Internet to promote businesses, deliver information and entertainment, and have become the irreplaceable part of both small businesses and big corporations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most wanted new professions in today’s business world.

Social Media Ninjas?

We can agree that social media allowed people to become a personal publishers and even build careers using exclusively Twitter, YouTube or their Blog. That’s why there are over 18,000+ ‘Social Media Gurus” on LinkedIn and 200 000+ Social Media ‘Gurus,’ ‘Ninjas,’ ‘Masters,’ and ‘Mavens’ on Twitter. This data often leads to a misconception that having “social media” in your job title means your position is irrelevant, but it is quite the opposite: using social media for both brand and product marketing, user acquisition and networking is important, if not even necessary.

These are some of the most researched positions related to digital and social media:

Social media marketing manager is in charge of the design and execution of social media marketing strategies, with a precise goal: drive audience growth and bring their company and brands to the forefront. Adapting the content to different channels and using the right tools are the required skills in order to oversee the communications strategy for different platforms.

SEO Specialist is an essential position for making a company visible online, and for boosting website rankings within relevant search results. They analyze websites, test various marketing techniques and put the web content into the right context in order to index it. So you do need him/her if you don’t want your page to end up on the second page of Google’s results (that equals oblivion!).

Content Developer needs to be skilled in both programming and software, as well as web-based technologies, writing and editing, graphic design and multimedia development – a true multi talent. They often work closely with SEO strategists and social media managers to in order to create and publicize the brand identity.

Social Media Manager creates and curates the online brand identity in a form of a company’s public profile, allowing it to establish the network of current and potential partners, and interact freely with customers on social media channels. This profession actually covers a variety of skills and tasks: from the social-savvy expert that manages social channels to the new wave of marketing strategist who helps companies leverage their social audiences through targeted marketing.

One of the most accurate descriptions of this profession states: “It’s marketing by humanizing a company through online social interactions.”


No matter in what field of industry a company’s in, it is expected to be active on social media as part of a successful marketing strategy. This is why it needs to entrust social networking activities to someone who has the expertise and multitasking skills. And this is where the “social media ninjas” step in. If he/she is tech and social savvy, with the right amount of old-fashioned creativity, dedication, and hard work the route to success is guaranteed.

Finally, we can provide the answer to a key question from our introduction: how many social media experts does it take to change a light bulb? Few years ago the answer would probably be “at least five: one to change it, one to tweet about it, one to update Facebook status, one to add a skill on LinkedIn and one to post a photo on Instagram with the perfect vintage filter”. But today the answer is simply: just one! With the right tools changing a light bulb and updating all social channels (each addressing the targeted audience) can be done in seconds! 🙂


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