How to integrate Social media into big events: the MWC 2014 experience


How to integrate Social media into big events: the MWC 2014 experience

Social media have become the inseparable part of event organization and networking, and a very useful tool to raise awareness and engagement, before, during and after the event. The social buzz is created not only by the organizers, but also by the potential visitors who are engaged in different types of online conversation. We will take a closer look at some of the key social media strategies at recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in order to provide some of the basic Tips on how to use your social channels during the events organization.

1. Provide networking opportunities

Help visitors identify the networking opportunities by providing a virtual meeting points on your Social channels. Keep in mind that some people like reading Blog posts, other prefer micro blogging or even images so be sure to strengthen your presence on all major social channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram. These channels can become a global publishing platform for your attendees, speakers, and staff,  and a good social discussion can significantly extend the lifetime of your event.

Good examples are the Mobile World Live web site, the GSMA Blog and Twitter account @GSMA, that actively promote the events, technology news and initiatives throughout the whole year.

2. Create a hashtag

One of the basic rules for a successful social promotion is creating a unique and catchy hashtag, that can be used cross-channel. At Mobile World Congress the official hashtag #MWC14 has been used on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It was introduced months before through official channels, but during the event itself it has been transformed into the mural art, becoming not only a social tool but the subject of an artistic expression.

biggest hashtag

The hashtag has interestingly evolved into a visual history of Mobile World Congress, featuring the most important technologies, devices and the vision of connected future.

Graffiti Wall Time Lapse – Mobile World Congress 2014 from The Creative Grid on Vimeo.

 3. Organize contest through Social media

Another great way of merging events and social media: organizing contests where the participants need to create the event related content and share it. Returning to MWC mural, the visitors were encouraged to take pictures of it and share them on Instagram, using the official hashtag, and thereby contribute to the artwork itself –  the winner’s photo has been integrated into the mural.

Neomobile’s “Superheroes of Mobile monetization” contest during the MWC, was also inspired by social interactions, as the winner has been chosen through the voting on our Facebook page.  Check out the contest details on our Blog and Facebook.


4. Create Social Walls

You do want to engage your visitors, but you don’t want them staring at their mobile devices all the time?  Dislocate social media from the device to the wall –  broadcasting social conversations on a physical wall engages visitors to follow the feed and share content. Good example of social conversation was the wall above the Hall 7 at MWC, where the social feed was followed by live stream of keynote speeches.



5. Use Social Media for your Customer Care service

Using Social channels such as Twitter to communicate with your customers provides a more informal , transparent and personal approach to providing information or problem solving, that contributes to the overall brand loyalty and user satisfaction. Once again a great example can be found in the @GSMA_Care  account, that actively participated in event promotion and client assistance by both Customer care and Marketing team, before and during the event.


Hopefully these simple tips can help you think, organize and manage the social side of your event. Embrace the Social media and unleash the great power of the Word Of Mouth marketing, that will surely allow you to reach thousands of potential visitors and make their participation fun and productive both business and social vise.

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