Discover how Neomobile recruits and retains talents in Latin America, and fosters the expanding mobile economy 

The dynamic business and economic environment of Central and South America is constantly growing, especially the mobile industry. Digital companies like Neomobile are fostering this growth not only by investing in innovation and technology but also in human capital, as we firmly believe that it should be the main asset in every company.

Importance of the local presence

In just 6 years Neomobile has become a leader in local mobile markets, with strong presence through our offices in Sao Paulo, Mexico city and Bogota, and our business ecosystem created in synergy with mobile operators, digital merchants and app developers. In recent years this dynamic industry is becoming very attractive for young talents who want to grow with it professionally, and eventually become experts in the fields of mobile entertainment, advertising and payment.

As a main promoter of constant innovation we know the importance of talent placement, and more importantly, their growth within the company, accompanied by Continuous Learning and Improvement, that is one of our corporate Values. Even though Neomobile is a global company, our recruiters have deep understanding of each specific market and the regional labor trends, and the ways candidate search for job opportunities: through social media, virtual job offer boards, university placements or employment fairs. To get a clearer picture of this dynamic process we’ve talked with Eduardo Di Paolo, our HR Partnership Specialist, who is dedicated to recruiting process in Central and South American countries.

Recruitment process – what counts?

Let’s start with main characteristics that a candidate should have. Above all, we consider education, skills and of course personality, but the first impression is also crucial: during the first round of selection we evaluate motivation, international approach and the level of English that candidate has (English is our company’s official language).

The selection process is furthermore very appreciative and transparent, as we try to get the best out of each candidate, discussing together potential role within the company. This approach is also very  proactive and stimulating, and it allows us to discover very early the level of ambition and passion a candidate has for certain area of business. With the mobile industry expansion in the last few years, and the increase in smartphone penetration, especially among younger population, the interest in digital companies among candidate is very high. Our experience with numerous newly graduates in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia confirms this fact, as the candidates are mostly attracted by the dynamic nature of mobile industry and the internationality of our company.

Furthermore, the fact that average age in our company is 32, which is quite low compared to other industries, is an additional motivator and also proof that with right dedication, passion and skills, you can arrive fairly quickly to very high seniority levels. Another interesting aspect of the selection process is the online interview via Skype, that became a practice in Neomobile, due to our presence in 14 countries/3 continents and the time saving benefits for both candidate and the recruiter.

The art of welcoming and fostering the talents

For the selected candidates the personal and professional growth are our main priority, starting from day 1. The HR partner in charge, together with the team members and managers follow the integration, and help develop the relevant competences, skills and capabilities. The workspace is also designed carefully in order to foster creative performance and well-being, and we have very positive feedbacks from our new colleagues: they appreciate the colorful design and good lighting scheme, but also some” very important” details, such as our meeting room table that is actually a ping pong table, in our Mexican office.

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