The Agile community constantly explores and applies the principles that help individuals and businesses be more productive and sustainable. PO Camp is one of the most important Italian events organized by local Agile community, dedicated to recurring questions around Product Ownership

If you’re familiar with Agile and especially Scrum, you will know the importance of PO’s role, as the person defining and prioritizing User Stories, deciding the budget conditions and maintaining satisfied all the stakeholders in the process. This was the main topic of this year’s edition of POCamp, held on the seaside, in Poggio all’Agnello Resort, in province of Livorno, Tuscany.

The event is organized as the Open Conference formula, a dynamic format that fits Agile very well. It is quite different than a conventional conference, without call for papers and individual speeches; in the words of the organizers (, an Open Conference is just a container for the content, which is decided by the participants who are invited to specify what they expect from the event or how they plan to contribute to the various threads (for example, by giving examples, use cases, direct experience in the field etc). As the proposals are submitted, the board takes shape coming to become the day’s program.

Neomobile, as a digital company embracing the Agile culture and mindset, supported POCamp 2015 together with Scrum Alliance and inspearit.

Several colleagues participated at this event, sharing our experiences and examples. Check out the atmosphere and the event’s highlights trough their social posts.


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