Peru: 2014 digital and mobile trends


Discover the latest facts and figures in Peru’s mobile industry and the upcoming mobile shopping trends. For a complete overview on the Andean markets check our insights on mobile shopping trends in Ecuador and Colombia.

Mobile usage in Peru is on the rise. According to comScore, consumption of mobile devices rose by 67% this past year. This statistic alone highlights a great opportunity within the mobile commerce industry.

This past year has been a great one for the mobile commerce industry in Peru, as the use of mobile devices to make online payments grew by 10.1% (comScore). This growth is exciting news for Peru, a country whose digital economy is still in its developing stages. These numbers are projected to grow even larger with each passing year as users show their preference to purchase virtual goods and services through their mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing trends

According to IABperu, there is a $20 billion gap between the value of what is spent on mobile advertising versus the value of the mobile user, which is determined by the amount of time he devotes to the medium. [1]

Another emerging trend in 2014 has to do with investing in mobile marketing. The adoption of smartphones is accelerating and mobile phone users are relying on multiple types of devices to communicate. This user behaviour has caught the attention of companies everywhere and is predicted to influence a large growth in mobile marketing investments. This will allow marketers achieve a greater and more targeted audience. This will surely improve the adaptability of mobile devices when users navigate on various websites, online stores and mobile apps and will also ensure that users get ads that are relevant to them straight from their mobile screens.

Mobile User behaviour in Peru

According to the latest research by  comScore, Peru has close to 5,8 million users that spend at least 18 hours a month navigating the internet. This means that Peru and Latin America in general are expected to undergo major growth in internet access via mobile devices.

When it comes to page views from smartphones and tablets, Peru falls closely behind Chile. Participation via mobile devices has risen in Peru, while the use of desktops is steadily declining.

The important increase in the mobile consumption visible on the chart below:


Furthermore, Peru experienced a large increase in internet traffic of 166% via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).[2]

This advancement can be seen easily by looking at the use of mobile devices to surf the net, which almost doubled, jumping from last year’s 4.8%  to 9.2% this year. Android is the dominant OS holding 71,2% of all mobile traffic. This high number is similar to neighboring countries like  Chile (79,8%) and Argentina (73,9%), where numbers of iOs and Windows Phone devices are still quite low.[3]

Mobile Penetration & Smartphone Trends

In 2013 smartphone penetration in Peru grew from 14 to 17% while Uruguay and Venezuela underwent a growth of 20%. In 2013, Peru sold 2,6 million smartphones, a number that is expected to reach 5 million smartphones and 1,6 million tablets in 2014 alone.

Top 5 iOs Apps Peru [4]

Free Paid Grossing
Hyperlapse from Instagram Camera Plus Clash of Clans
WhatsApp Messenger The Sims 3 World Battle Camp
Facebook Messenger Spotify Premium Candy Crush Saga
YouTube Swype: keyboard Spider Man- unlimited
Facebook Free Music Download Pro Spotify Music


Top 5 Windows Phone Apps

Free Paid Grossing
Facebook messenger Plants vs. zombies Up Up Heroes Swing
WhatsApp Asphalt Movistar Mistura
Facebook Gravity Guy Call of Duty: Alive or Dead 2
OneDrive Angry Birds Mario Jump
My Talking Tom Parking Mania Marios Flying


Neomobile in Peru

Neomobile is an expert in mobile monetization within the Andean Region and has played a key role in developing the local market in Peru. Neomobile opened its office in Bogotá, Colombia in 2012 to put forward our monetization expertise and successful business models used around the globe.



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