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Recruitment in Latin America: Neomobile’s talent scouting strategies

Discover how Neomobile recruits and retains talents in Latin America, and fosters the expanding mobile economy 

The dynamic business and economic environment of Central and South America is constantly growing, especially the mobile industry. Digital companies like Neomobile are fostering this growth not only by investing in innovation and technology but also in human capital, as we firmly believe that it should be the main asset in every company.

Importance of the local presence

In just 6 years Neomobile has become a leader in local mobile markets, with strong presence through our offices in Sao Paulo, Mexico city and Bogota, and our business ecosystem created in synergy with mobile operators, digital merchants and app developers. In recent years this dynamic industry is becoming very attractive for young talents who want to grow with it professionally, and eventually become experts in the fields of mobile entertainment, advertising and payment.

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The Art of Monetizing Apps

Thanks to the popularity of Smartphones and tablets, mobile Apps have become a fundamental element for companies when planning their mobile strategies. Like most elements in good Business practice, the existence of these apps is only really valuable if and when they generate some sort of income, which can only happen through a step called monetization. This week, Neomobile offers an overlook on the different ways that monetization works when it comes to mobile apps.

Get Noticed & Build Traffic

For starters, you have to start your journey with a bit of a gamble. The first step to monetize an app has to do with visibility. No matter how beautiful and practical an app may be, it will be nearly impossible to generate any income if it is floating amongst the thousands of apps that already exist in the most popular virtual stores. But how do you get noticed?

In a recent article by Terry Hughes in confirms that becoming “discovered” has become the trophy of excellence in the current economy created by app monetization. It is precisely for this reason that a battle has launched between Apple and Google to get their hands on the best apps out there. It has led both mobile giants to offer app developers better visibility through strategic positioning and promotions as long as they are willing to sign an exclusive agreement for their inventions.

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Andean Region Mobile Industry Trends

According to a report by GSMA at the end of last year, Latin America represented 10% of the global mobile market in terms of revenue. While this regional indicator is important, GSMA’s report emphasizes the diverse figures offered by the Latin American market. This week, Neomobile takes a look at the state of the mobile industry in the countries of the Andean region (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia) by analysing the penetration of active SIM cards, the number of unique users and payment methods that people prefer in this area.

For starters, it is important to point out the percentage of active SIM card penetration in the region which, according to the GSMA report, reached 104% in mid-2013, which is much higher than the overall penetration of 85%. In this sense, the Andean region is performing well when you take a closer look at the overall 86% penetration in the Bolivian market and the 117% in the Ecuadorian market. Likewise, while Peru and Colombia remained around 95%, Venezuela exceeded a penetration of 100%.

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Apple vs. Samsung: A battle with no end?

Apple, Samsung and Google are three of the most colossal entities within the mobile industry. We all know that the synergy between Google’s operating system (Android) with Samsung’s mobile devices has titled them as Apple’s main rival in the mobile market. Thanks to this, we are seeing a war in progress between these mobile giants that mostly consists of never ending legal battles. This week, Neomobile wants to share the main struggle that has risen in the latest legal battle between Apple and Samsung.

For starters, it’s worth remembering that this conflict was originally centred on patents filed by various companies.  In fact, this legal issue has to do with various brands accusing one another of using other brands’ intellectual property in an illegal manner. Apple sought a compensation of $2,200 million and the withdrawal of several Samsung devices in the U.S. market because according to the company, Samsung had violated its patents. Similarly, Samsung demands compensation of $6.2 million for the exact same reason.

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Online gamer spending habits

Onebip by Neomobile, the global mobile payments service, helps us discover the spending behavior of gamers around the world and the increasing adoption of mobile carrier billing

Onebip’s mobile payments platform uncovers the spending habits of world’s online gamers based on the deep analysis of millions of transaction across 65 countries over a full year. Before we analyze the numbers let’s take a brief look at some of the emerging trends of the online gaming market:

  • The future of gaming is in the and cross-platform playability, as the online gaming industry continues to demonstrate
  • Online gamers are embracing microtransactions through mobile carrier billing
  • Mobile carrier billing is increasingly being seen as a legitimate alternative to credit card and PayPal.

Here are the highlights from Onebip’s analysis of the spending habits of gamers around the world.

Online gaming transaction values

Globally, online gamers spend an average of €4.73 per single transaction. Switzerland tops the global average transaction value list at €15.09 mainly because carriers in the country offer much higher price points to online gamers that pay via carrier billing compared to all other countries.  However, Onebip’s data found that bigger gaming markets such as Turkey that increased the price points available to gamers for payment had a direct correlation with an increase in the average transaction value.

You can find the Top 10 spenders globally by average transaction value in the Onebip’s Press release “Gamers Embrace Microtransactions through mobile carrier billing” and the infographic below.

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