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Top weekly news from the mobile & tech industry selected by Neomobile

Navigating the Shift to Digital and Mobile Video

 The heavy up-tick in digital video options along with the introduction of smartphones and tablets has given consumers something they never had before with traditional television – a choice.
YouTube alone boasts nearly 1 billion monthly unique visitors to their site chalking up over 6 billion hours of video watched each month — that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth. The introduction of mobile devices powerful enough to stream HD and 4K video has only fueled the growth to double-digit multiples. Close to 40% of YouTube consumption now comes from mobile, according to a recent BI Intelligence study.

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Onebip Wins A’Design Award for Subscription Payments Technology

Onebip’s subscription payments technology has won the Gold Award in the Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design category at this year’s A’Design Award and Competition 2014, held in Como, Italy during the first weekend of August.  As one of the worlds’ largest design competition, the A’ Design Award grants best designs, design concepts and products & services.

The A’Design Award was born out of the desire to underline the best designed products and services from around the world. Onebip is very proud to receive such a prestigious award for our subscription payments technology that has been continuously improved to drive maximum results for our partners.

Can and Francesco picking up the A'Design Award 2014

Onebip’s Can Iscan and Francesco Racanati with A’Design Award

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Andean Region: Neomobile’s GloCal business in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Discover Neomobile’s success story in Andean Region that combines international expertise and local understanding in the rapidly developing mobile industry

In just 6 years Neomobile has become a leader in all the major mobile markets in Latin America, with strong presence through offices in Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Bogotá. Together with the local mobile operators, digital merchants and app developers we have created a unique business ecosystem that fosters this growing mobile economy.

Take a closer look with us at the emerging Andean countries, their mobile markets and our company’s local presence, with our Andean Countries Manager Andrea Grijalba’s help and expertise.


The hottest mobile trends in Andean region: “smart” & connected

Andean telecommunications market has been constantly growing in the past eight years, allowing the significant improvement of mobile services due to several changes in the IT sector. The most important trends that are driving this development include the launching of 4G/LTE technology, mobile number portability, the arrival of new MNOs and new government policies to promote mobile network access.

The numbers behind this incredible boost of mobile communications speak for themselves: over 100% of penetration rate – mobile subscribers have grown faster than population itself. For instance, in Colombia, as Andrea confirms, there are more than 50 million mobile lines and “only” 47 million people.

One more crucial trend is related to the smartphones acquisition. For Neomobile, the increase in the devices purchase is fundamental for the mobile internet subscribers growth, as it allows creation, advertising and monetization of mobile services and virtual goods.

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Neomobile’s weekly roundup

Top weekly news from the mobile & tech industry selected by Neomobile

News Industry Drives Mobile Ad Growth in APAC 

The news industry more than quintupled its mobile ad spending in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2014, according to Millennial Media, helping drive total mobile ad spending in Asia-Pacific ever higher. News and real estate, among other industries, also experienced rapid growth in mobile ad spending during the period.


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Recruitment in Latin America: Neomobile’s talent scouting strategies

Discover how Neomobile recruits and retains talents in Latin America, and fosters the expanding mobile economy 

The dynamic business and economic environment of Central and South America is constantly growing, especially the mobile industry. Digital companies like Neomobile are fostering this growth not only by investing in innovation and technology but also in human capital, as we firmly believe that it should be the main asset in every company.

Importance of the local presence

In just 6 years Neomobile has become a leader in local mobile markets, with strong presence through our offices in Sao Paulo, Mexico city and Bogota, and our business ecosystem created in synergy with mobile operators, digital merchants and app developers. In recent years this dynamic industry is becoming very attractive for young talents who want to grow with it professionally, and eventually become experts in the fields of mobile entertainment, advertising and payment.

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