Open Platform series wrap up


The last article from our open platform series features the visual summary of the previous 4  insights on the top alternative mobile operating systems. Discover the key facts on Firefox OS, Tizen, Sailfish and Ubuntu OS in our latest infographic.

During the past few months we tried to explore the exciting world of alternative mobile platforms, that are struggling to win over the hearts and minds of users who are ready to try something new. The concept was well defined by the CEO of Mozilla, Gary Kovacz

I find it impossible to understand how 3, 4, 5, or 6 billion people are going to get their diverse needs satisfied by one or two companies, no matter how delicious those companies are. 

Will the alternative mobile OS find their place in the fierce mobile market?

Each one has their own strategy, carefully developed, aiming to conquer different market niches, and using their competitiveness related to price, UI, design or the fact that they are extremely developer friendly. Discover the most important features of the alternative “rising stars” of the global mobile market in our new infographics and be sure to check out all articles from the series:

  1. Firefox OS: the HTML5 Mobile OS
  2. Tizen: designed to run on everything
  3. Jolla OS: creating the mainstream alternative
  4. Ubuntu OS: The spirit of ‘Humanity to others’ in the tech world