Join us as we discuss why meeting in person still matters in an online world

In the last decade the online world has been increasingly facilitating new relationships in the offline world. The real challenge becomes striking the perfect balance between digital communication and real face to face time, since they are both very important if you want to succeed in any business.

In a digital world, sometimes it’s easy to forget all the opportunities to build a memorable connection by meeting someone in person. There are numerous benefits you get when you meet someone in real life, such as: immediate feedback, easier conversation flow, and the chance to build an authentic business relationship.

This is why Neomobile provides a positive environment for both employees and our partners to meet both online and in person, to help form strong business relationships and collaborations, encourage discussions, improve work flow at the office, and make meaningful contacts at important events like Mobile World Congress, the biggest annual mobile event held every year in Barcelona, Spain.

Attending  Events & Holding Face to Face Meetings

Social media is a communication tool that can help enhance brand awareness, especially when it comes to promoting conferences and events. Don’t miss Neomobile’s guide on How to Integrate Social Media into Big Events.

However, Neomobile believes there’s more behind networking than social media, which is why we place an importance on attending some of the biggest events within the mobile industry each year and make it a priority to meet our clients face to face. We want to meet and get to know our business partners so that we can both strengthen our relationship and our understanding of what their business needs may be.

To see where we will be next, check out Neomobile’s Events Page, which offers an exclusive behind the scenes look at events like Gamescom, Mobile World Congress, iDate, and so much more! 

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Building Personal Connections at Work

While we remain connected with our employees on Twitter and Facebook, Neomobile has always been a big believer in making personal connections at work. If you want productivity and creativity to flow in your office, you need to provide your teams an environment that lets them move around and meet new people.

Our new HQ in Rome is a perfect example of the empowerment our employees feel when working in an agile environment catered to their needs.

Follow-up in Person after Connecting on Social Media:

Many professionals use Twitter and LinkedIn to talk about breakthroughs or obstacles found within their industry. The key is to know the value behind connecting with these people online and to follow-up in person.  Fans on social media are much more likely to trust you and engage with you and your brand if they meet you personally. Always try your best to reach out.

Neomobile receives all sorts of potential business collaborations through our social media profiles like our Facebook Page or Twitter Account. Following up with a face to face meeting can lead to collaborations that you probably didn’t originally plan on. If you’re new to social media sites like Twitter, don’t worry. Check out our guide on how to create a perfect tweet.

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