Online gamer spending habits


Onebip by Neomobile, the global mobile payments service, helps us discover the spending behavior of gamers around the world and the increasing adoption of mobile carrier billing

Onebip’s mobile payments platform uncovers the spending habits of world’s online gamers based on the deep analysis of millions of transaction across 65 countries over a full year. Before we analyze the numbers let’s take a brief look at some of the emerging trends of the online gaming market:

  • The future of gaming is in the and cross-platform playability, as the online gaming industry continues to demonstrate
  • Online gamers are embracing microtransactions through mobile carrier billing
  • Mobile carrier billing is increasingly being seen as a legitimate alternative to credit card and PayPal.

Here are the highlights from Onebip’s analysis of the spending habits of gamers around the world.

Online gaming transaction values

Globally, online gamers spend an average of €4.73 per single transaction. Switzerland tops the global average transaction value list at €15.09 mainly because carriers in the country offer much higher price points to online gamers that pay via carrier billing compared to all other countries.  However, Onebip’s data found that bigger gaming markets such as Turkey that increased the price points available to gamers for payment had a direct correlation with an increase in the average transaction value.

You can find the Top 10 spenders globally by average transaction value in the Onebip’s Press release “Gamers Embrace Microtransactions through mobile carrier billing” and the infographic below.

Gamers love to spend in the summer and on Saturdays

The winter holiday period is the busiest time for online gaming, with 11% of global spend taking place during the month of December. However, after December, gamers spend more money during the summer period than any other point in the year:  June, July and August account for 30% of global spend. In contrast April and May are the quietest months with just 4% of annual spend in each month respectively. When it comes to weekly gaming transaction trends Saturday sees a small spike during the week with 16 %  Looking at the overall weekly trend, gamers tend to spend using carrier billing consistently throughout the week with a very small spike on Saturdays.

Online, mobile and social games are the fastest-growing segment of the market, accounting today for 27 % of the gaming sector, while 40 % of global internet users are active online gamers (Market Research Blog). As Onebip’s report confirms, online gamers are increasingly choosing to pay for their online gaming experiences through the convenience of their mobile phone via mobile carrier billing.

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