Onebip wins prestigious Design Award for One-Click mobile payment solution


Onebip’s One-Click mobile payment solution has been recognised by the judges of the Design Award and Competition for designing the best end user experience.

The Onebip team proudly picked up the A’Meta, Strategic and Service Design Award in Como, Italy last weekend.

The A’ Design Award and Competition aims to highlight the best designs, concepts and design-oriented products and services in the world.

Here’s what Onebip’s product specialist, Gokmen Atak said during his speech at the Award ceremony:

“We are proud to receive this award which recognizes Onebip’s advanced one-click payment technology and the end-user experience of its payment interfaces. We always believe that the best end-user experience secures the best conversion rate for our merchants and we worked hard to find the most intuitive way for the end-users of paying for the goods and services. Our motto explains our aim to provide merchants a payment solution that is fast, secure and that will ensure the best conversion rate: “MOBILE PAYMENTS WITH THE BEST USER EXPERIENCE AND THE MOST ADVANCED BILLING TECHNOLOGY”.


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