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Smartphones & tablets combined will overtake all other consumer electronics sales

It’s easy to see the growing demand for smartphones and tablets. It will come as no surprise that they are killing off other specialist consumer electronics (CE) products such as such as digital still cameras; camcorders; GPS (satnav) ;and media players. But figures put together by IHS show that global factory revenues for smartphones and tablets this year [2013] will become larger than revenues for the entire CE market. Obviously this is the first time this has ever occurred.




Snapchat’s Giant Funding From Tencent and Others at Valuation of up to $4 Billion Could Click This Week

According to sources close to the situation, Snapchat could announce its latest massive funding later this week.

Sources said the round being raised — up to $200 million — will come in part from China’s Internet giant Tencent and value the self-destructing mobile messaging startup from $3.6 billion to $4 billion. But, said sources, there are likely to be other new investors in the round.

The new funding comes only a few months after closing a Series B round of $60 million that valued Snapchat at $800 million.

While such a deal could still be delayed or even fall apart, sources said it was on track to be announced as early as this Thursday.

A spokeswoman for Snapchat did not as yet return an email and text requesting comment.



Samsung Now Officially More Profitable Than Apple

This chart shows the quarterly profits of Samsung and Apple. Samsung managed to turn a larger profit than Apple in two consecutive quarters, meaning that Apple may no longer be the most profitable technology company in the world.





YouTube Close to Launching Subscription Music Service


YouTube is preparing a premium on-demand music service — akin to a Spotify, but with video — to launch later this year, according to several sources familiar with the plans.

The service, designed with mobile listening in mind, will have a free component and a premium tier that offers unlimited access to a full catalog of tracks similar to what’s already available via YouTube’s parent company, Google Inc., via its All Access subscription music service. Premium features would include the ability to cache music for offline listening and removing ads.

The free tier is likely to be unlimited, on-demand access to full tracks on all platforms, including mobile, said several people who have been briefed on the proposed service. In that sense, the paid tier is more of a “soft sell” as YouTube’s primary goal is to continue to amass ears and eyes to its mobile platform to sell ads.



Global OS market share 3Q report: iOS Stagnant at 14%, While Windows Phone Climbs 165% Year-on-year

 smartphone shipments q3 2013

ABI Research reports 438 million handsets and 244 million smartphones shipped during the 3rd quarter of 2013. Samsung retained its lead in handset shipments and grew its share of smartphone shipments to 35%, while Apple share remained flat at 14%.

Smartphone shipment penetration was 56% in Q3, setting a record high for the third consecutive quarter. Windows Phone achieved 165% growth year-on-year, with Nokia accounting for 95% of that shipment volume.