The highlights and galleries from the 2016 summer edition of our Learning Week

Another successful Learning Week has been concluded in Neomobile. As announced almost one year ago, Neomobile is on its path to become a Lean & Agile company, which includes also the concept of a learning company. Learning Week is the best example of internal process of learning and knowledge sharing,  a full immersion into the finest thinking tools and new mindsets, business insights and new trends with colleagues from our offices worldwide.

The 3rd edition had 18 trainings and workshops, hosted both by our colleagues, coaches and guest experts who shared their experiences, business projects and held coaching sessions.

These are some of the features sessions:

  • Behind the words: understand where the problem is and design overcoming path with the logical level.
  • How do we get motivation: figuring out others and influence them with metaprograms of motivation
  • How to solve/lighten the interpersonal conflicts: the magic of the 4th position
  • How do we take decisions? Figuring out others and influence them with metaprograms of choice
  • Building a successful startup
  • Gestalt design principles for developers

More than 100 persons took part in the Learning Week, also our colleagues from our offices world wide, especially from Latin America.

We have gathered some of our colleagues impressions:

Noa Sevilla, our Corporate communication Director said: “This was an amazing Learning week: very interesting trainings and workshops, a great occasion to share ideas and experiences. The ones I like the most were the trainings dedicated to NLP and metaprograms, really useful for my day-by-day job. It is a great chance for all of us to learn something. So thanks to the coaches, colleagues and of course Neomobile for this opportunity.”

Alessia Toniolo, our Top Management Sr Assistant told us: “I had no doubts that the trainings I enrolled to would prove to be valuable! I had the possibility to do some interesting NLP exercises with our coach Mauro and my colleagues and to better understand our new & innovative corporate projects.”

Francesco Cusmai, our D&BI Jr Analyst, appreciated the focus on importance of relation and interactions. He said: “The most useful aspect of the trainings are the methods that we can use to improve relationships and interactions, to observe ones actions and your own actions too and understand them. I also learned how to ask the right question, change perspective and act in the most needed moment, and how to actively listen, which is crucial for a good team work.”


During the Learning Week, another important event will be hosted during the weekend: the Lean Startup Experience. After the successful 1st edition launched on December, many Neomobilers sent out their business ideas that could be validated during this 3-days event in the Roman HQ. The validated projects could become part of Neomobile’s product portfolio. The more we innovate the more we have to offer to our customers.

Check out the Facebook album of the Lean Startup Experience Weekend in Neomobile’s HQ.

Learning Week in Neomobile doesn’t mean only, learning, trainings, study and listening but also sport and having fun together.

During this week it has been also organized the beach volley tournament with and people watched the European football match together. On Thursday the company summer party has been a moment to share some free time together and having fun.

So an intense week full of new things to learn, sharing information, doing team building… this is life at Neomobile.

More insights to come about our Learning Week! Stay tuned.