Neomobile Refresh


The New Colours of the Corporate identity

The last decade has probably been the most challenging time for the mobile industry since its inception. With smartphones being the main driver of technological innovation it is now imperative for forward-thinking companies to constantly improve and reinvent themselves. Having been an integral part of this fascinating and fast-moving world since its outset, Neomobile is now an active player in shaping the future of the mobile internet. Our commitment and passion inspires us to tap our creativity, our collective intelligence, and our industry expertise to share our ideas on the new frontier of the mobile internet. This dynamic world is defining our corporate culture, as we rewrite the definition of our visual identity through Values Spectrum.

Neomobile’s corporate culture is defined by the constitutional framework of our Values, that has a profound impact on the business performance as well. We live our Values day by day, and they make inseparable part of our performance objectives and our personal and team relationships. But we felt the need to reach beyond the standard definitions, we want to visualize our ambitions and the coherence between all aspects of our business – and so the new Values color Spectrum is born.


We have chosen the colours carefully, as we tried to find the perfect balance between the emotional and symbolic expressiveness of each nuance and the corporate Value that it stands for. Our Passion is Red,  like the vital energy and emotions, Respect is the shade of Grey, pure, clean and wise, Team Spirit is Light Blue, like communication through creativity and loyalty, Continuous Learning and Improvement is Light green, the colour of growth and hope, Good Management is Purple, inspiring imagination and high ideals, Individual Performance becomes Orange, luminous symbol of interior balance and artistic creativity, and finally we painted Personal accountability Dark green, representing the willingness and persistence.


Neomobile is a Mobile commerce company, but our far reaching business and unique corporate personality  allows us to go beyond the standard visual definitions. The new corporate palette is the next step in the evolution of our company and our industry, that uses natural associations to convey a visual and ethical harmony of our Values, enhancing our inner and outer coherence.


We are happy to present the new Primary colours of Neomobile.