Neomobile supports the reconstruction of the Città della Scienza


Curiosity is an inquiry outside ourselves, a starting point in the research of the truth, through observation and experiment.

As the main driver for the innovation, it enables our mind to recognize ideas and then transform them into great projects. Each new idea opens up a whole world of possibilities, brings to light those that were hidden and inspires change for the better.  That’s why one of the main goals of our society is to breed the curiosity and invest in the young minds that will be able to improve the world we live in. We need to build more “playgrounds” that will wake up the urge of the new generations to achieve a complete knowledge.

Città della Scienza (City of Science) in Naples is one of those places: a giant complex dedicated to exploration of science, natural phenomena, and it hosts a wide number of exhibits and cultural events. Well it did, until the 4th March, when the structure disappeared in flames. But it still remains, as a symbol of growth and innovation, a renovation imperative for the entire local and global community.

As pioneer in the innovation, Neomobile was among the first to support the reconstruction, and with great pleasure we received the news that a part of the structure, maybe the most important one dedicated to the children, has reopened. The small museum-lab now hosts the future scientists, giving the sense of continuity as we eagerly await the construction of the new Science Centre.

Neomobile would also like to express a special gratitude to Prof. Vittorio Silvestrini, the president of the City of Science, for embracing our support and for his efforts to bring back this precious institution back to the community.

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