Top monthly news from the mobile & tech industry selected by Neomobile for October, 2015

Report: Mobile To Dominate Programmatic Advertising, Leave Desktop In The Dust

According to latest report by eMarketer mobile programmatic revenues will be 3X those on the PC by 2017. The majority of US display advertising dollars will be bought through programmatic channels by 2017. Furthermore, most of that will be mobile.

A new report from the company estimates that mobile programmatic advertising will be worth roughly $9.33 billion in 2015, capturing 61 percent of all programmatic display ad spending in the US. By 2017, eMarketer says, mobile programmatic will be worth $20.4 billion vs. $6.34 billion on the PC.


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Dorsey: “Twitter Is Getting Easier To Use Every Single Week,” TV Ad To Premiere During World Series

TechCrunch brings a coverage of Twitter’s Q3 earnings call with CEO Jack Dorsey was joined by COO Adam Bain and CFO Anthony Noto. The call was broadcasted live on Periscope. Dorsey explained how the company is building teams with new leads around its core products, including Twitter, Periscope and Vine, and he focused on the push of  TV commercials out during the World Series.

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Germany’s Marketers Shifting Budget to Programmatic

eMarketer bring us the latest insight on the state of marketing in Germany, focusing on programmatic. In Germany the adoption of this trend is very highaccording to the October 2015 Quantcast report “Programmatic Advertising in Deutschland.” Quantcast partner Research Now surveyed 100 marketing decision-makers at agencies and firms with at least 100 employees in August 2015.


Fully 58% of the sample said they were already investing in programmatic ads, and 53% said such automated placements claimed up to 20% of their digital budget. By contrast, only a small minority—one in 20—said they were spending between 61% and 80% of their digital budget programmatically.

Not surprisingly, the study found that programmatic was fairly new for most of Germany’s marketers; 71% of those currently using it had done so for less than two years.

Respondents were also asked specifically about their branding efforts, and how programmatic options affected their plans. Almost half (46%) of the marketers sampled said that up to 20% of current spending on programmatic ads was intended for brand-building. Moreover, two-thirds said they planned to spend more on programmatic branding between now and 2017.

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