Top monthly news from the mobile & tech industry selected by Neomobile for November, 2015

Google Brings Apps Into Browsers, Blurring Mobile-Desktop Lines

As apps have become more central to people’s digital lives, Google is looking to bring some of that technology back to the Web.

They will start including data from popular apps into browser-based search results, helping users find information even if they haven’t downloaded the software onto their devices, the Web company said on Wednesday. And Google is taking the idea one step further, by letting people run apps right inside their Internet browsers.

Some apps don’t have a corresponding website, making it harder for Google to scour them for information to include in its search engine. To fix this, Google has spent the past two years creating tools for developers that make it easier for its search engine to peer into apps. The efforts are aimed at making it easier for Google to put relevant ads in front of people — whether they’re on smartphones or laptops. That’s critical in a world where seven of every eight minutes on mobile phones in the U.S. are spent interacting with apps and media, according to Comscore.

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Mobile is the gateway for virtual reality becoming a $15.9B industry by 2019

With virtual reality now becoming an actual thing with the launch of the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR in the wings ready to launch, analyst SuperData thinks the future for headset manufacturers is looking really green. According to a report on SuperData’s website, our current environment of mobile and experimental virtual reality could eventually lead to the market pulling in $15.9 billion in combined hardware sales by 2019. This number comes at the end of a projected rise in sales that starts this year at $660.5 million, to $5.1 billion in 2016, to $8.8 billion in 2017, and $12.2 billion in 2018.

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2016 will be the ‘year of digital payments’

Initial growing pains will be a thing of the past if predictions by Worldpay prove true, with the New Year set to mark “the third age of digital payments”.

Kevin Dallas, chief product officer, global e-commerce, Worldpay explained: “The first age of digital payments kicked off with the e-commerce boom in the early 2000s when companies like PayPal and AliPay introduced eWallets to the mainstream. The second phase coincided with the rise of the smartphone at the beginning of the decade, and we’ve since seen a proliferation of new mobile apps that quickly raised the bar for convenience in payments.”

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