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App Annie and IDC portable gaming report Q1 2013: Smartphone and tablet revenues increase 

In a new report on mobile gaming, research firms App Annie and IDC revealed that smartphone and tablet revenues from Google Play and the Apple App Store increased threefold compared to handhelds, while also surpassing traditional handhelds in total revenue. For the first time, Google Play surpassed the Apple App Store in total downloads, but the Apple App Store remained the leader in revenue.




Via App Annie Blog


Yahoo acquires another small startup: gaming platform PlayerScale

Making yet-another-addition to its expanding empire, Yahoo has acquired PlayerScale, a California-based gaming infrastructure startup. But financial details of the deal haven’t been disclosed yet.

PlayerScale is a cross-platform game infrastructure startup that provides tools for games played by 150 million users on platforms such as iOS and Android. The company was founded in 2009 and had a team of 14 people, out of which 7 are joining Yahoo as part of the transaction.

According to Yahoo PR, it will continue to support and grow PlayerScale’s technology, and build great new experiences on Yahoo! using the PlayerScale platform.

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Smartphone Adoption to exceed 50% in Major Markets Worldwide

In 2012, eMarketer estimates, six countries—including South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Australia, the UK and the US—saw smartphone user penetration rates among mobile phone users rise above 50% for the first time.

Led by Nordic countries Norway and Sweden, along with the UK, Western Europe boasted three countries with smartphone penetration above 50% among mobile users in 2012. Two other Nordic countries and the Netherlands will follow close behind, and larger markets including Germany, France, Italy and Spain will pass the smartphone tipping point in 2014.




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Mary Meeker’s 2013 Internet Trends report has been release

Meeker, a partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, thinks there’s a $20 billion opportunity in Internet and mobile advertising. See below for an extract.

1) mobile usage is starting to take a bite out of internet usage: Global mobile traffic is now at 15 percent of Internet traffic (see below)




2) Some companies are just starting to replace desktop revenue per user with mobile revenue per user. See: Facebook.




Via TechCrunch


Tablet Shipments Reaching Tipping Point for Android to Overtake Apple

For the first time since the introduction of the iPad in 2010, the Android ecosystem is poised to overtake apple in the Tablet market, thanks to large forecasted sales in the 7” inches segment

Apple has been able to maintain its tablet lead by delivering a quality experience at a premium price. The iPad maker exited the first calendar quarter of 2013 with 50% share of all tablet shipments, though, according to market intelligence firm ABI Research, the Android ecosystem is poised to overtake iOS.

The big variable for Android is China. The Middle Kingdom is passionate about the Apple brand as well as the masses’ ability to afford technology devices. Smaller, 7-inch Android tablets have become popular though most lack the Google suite of apps and Android Play marketplace. A push for sub-$200 tablets is keeping Android relevant in both developed and emerging markets.

Average selling price (ASP) and size have been moving down-market since Android tablets started honing in on the opportunity in 2012. Rather than try to unseat Apple in the 10”-class space, tablet vendors sought a defensible area they could own; the result is the 7”-class devices.

Source: ABI research via Reuters