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Neomobile’s insight into ways mobile is changing our daily habits, focus on mobile shopping

We are a part of the generation that no longer wakes up with the sunlight, but with the screen light of our mobile phones. Throughout the day we use mobile devices in countless ways, engaging into new age behaviours: checking global & social news, sharing our location, status, interests, emotions, like or dislike for the world around us; we watch TV, listen to music, check our bank account, pay bills or shop… and the list could continue for at least few thousand characters (and without spaces!).

The world has become more familiar, distances are no longer counted in kilometres but in data transfer speed. We consume hundreds of megabytes each day through news, entertainment, music, gaming and social interaction. But let’s take a closer look into one aspect of our life that changed deeply with the mobile (re)evolution: shopping.

More than two third of global internet users, used multiple devices for online shopping, both for digital and physical goods, as the recent research by Dell reveals[1]. It’s interesting to notice that 81% of smartphone purchases are spontaneous, and only 19 % are planned, indicating clearly that mobile advertising has a crucial role in our new shopping habits, through its many formats: banners, email marketing, QR codes, SMS ads etc. From the product discovery through mobile search to the actual purchase, mobile device also helps us decide: we can read the other shoppers experiences, compare prices or check the product rating. Online and offline retailers are rapidly changing their strategies, investing into mobile platforms, in order to provide the perfect user experience.

What do we like the most when it comes to digital goods?  Without a doubt: gaming. Recently published research by Flurry shows impressive numbers: over 1 billion active smartphones and tablets are using apps around the world every month![2] The most time consuming are gaming apps that take almost 40% of our time, and they also dominate the revenues: 22 of the top 25 grossing apps in the U.S. iTunes App Store apps are games. Gamers do like to shop.

The mobile shopper has become the centre of developers and retailers universe, as they try achieving the ultimate goal: creating optimal user experience that leads to the user loyalty. And loyal shopper is the best shopper.

Numbers are clear: there is positive future for those companies who are interested to boost their mobile offer. Smart users  keep on growing and with them the natural behaviour to use mobile devices for numerous daily activities, including shopping. Mobile commerce is something that will boom in the near future and it is important to surf this trend in order to provide a user experience even more simpler, awarding high technology companies.

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