Instagram Video Vs. Vine


Neomobile takes a close look at instagram videos and Vine

The war between Social media giants continues! Facebook and Twitter are engaged in the fierce battle for dominance of the short mobile video realm. The acquisition of Vine, app for creating and sharing 6 seconds video clips by Twitter, was a strong motivation for Facebook to create something “bigger and better”: the Instagram Video feature is born.

The idea behind Vine was to create a platform for social storytelling through an innovative medium: 6 seconds video. And it was a huge success, as it arrived to 13 million users in the first 5 months. On the other hand, Instagram, with its 130 million users, had a head start, since the video option was just added as a new feature with the last update. It strong points are the 13 effects and the possibility to edit/cut the frames. But is it enough to beat Vine?

This exciting battle is fuelled with ambition to dominate our free time, and transform us into video editors and publishers. It is probably too early to judge who could be a possible winner but one thing is sure: strong competition drives innovation and improvement, so we can expect more features and quality options from both apps.

Check out some interesting data on Vine and Instagram Video and let us know which one do you prefer?



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