Neomobile human resources insight


Will the Tech Industry save the world from the global unemployment crisis?

What began a crisis of the financial markets in the USA some years ago, has become today a global economic crisis, striking at its very core the labour market, in both advanced and developing countries, provoking unprecedented social challenges worldwide. But if we just take a glance at the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, we witness a completely different reality: unemployment has trended at about half the average, around 4% in the US for example, which is considered full employment . Numerous job positions opened, in the industry giants, but also in small companies and start-ups, show another type of problems: lack of qualified candidates and the urgent need to invest in education and project-based learning .

The imperatives of the so called STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Maths) sector are the constant innovation, continuous learning and improvement, and the harness of entrepreneurship. The possibilities are numerous, as the recent analysis show, STEM sector will create 1 in 4 new jobs until 2017[1], higher salaries and better job prospects than all other graduates .

Neomobile shares the same ambition as a high-tech company, born just 5 years ago, today writing the future of the mobile commerce globally. The Company counts 300 young experts in mobile technology, but is expanding day by day. The secret? We believe that it’s the ability to recognize the best qualities in people and create the productive and efficient teams, nurturing the individual and organizational growth. Let’s talk about Facts & Figures. Neomobile has 90% of graduated employees in different areas of expertise: Business & Management, Computer Sciences, Communication, Law and Design, with average of 2 languages spoken per employee. The average age in the company is 31 years old for the employees, and 34 for management, with the average promotion period of just 14 months.

Considering that Human resources is a business-driven function, the role of Neomobile’s HR department in defining strategic corporate direction is crucial, following two main directions: while keeping the high level of employees engagement, the team is dedicated to both on-line (networking, web sites, social media) and offline (job related events and fairs) recruitment, always in search for new talents. The goals are clear: face all challenges, create new work opportunities and build relationships.

The infographics below is the visual representation of the most important facts regarding the biggest value of Neomobile: Our People


[1] STEM Graduates to Benefit From Higher Pay, Better Jobs, published on October 10th 2012