Neomobile presents new series on the importance of technology in today’s business development. As an introduction we decided to talk with the expert in the field, Neomobile’s Pietro Tricarico, who will help us understand the dynamics of a tech team in an international company and what does it take to be a good IT manager

What are the most important trends in the world of technology today?

[quote_box_center]Well, I see an overall increasing trend in complexity. Over last few years jointly with Internet explosion and open-source technologies expansion we assisted to the birth of new programming languages, new standards, and tools. Today the biggest challenge in my opinion is to find your best solution in this complexity in very short time. My suggestion is to remain passionate about learning and to take time for details, and most importantly to avoid cut-and-paste programming temptation (laughs). On the corporate level, it means forming competent open-mind teams, with cross-disciplinary knowledge, able to find smart solutions quickly but also to look for long term sustainability.[/quote_box_center]

If you were to define the keyword of success in the world of technology, what would it be?

[quote_box_center]Innovation and change, always! No matter if you’re alone with your partner in a startup, or in a multinational company with thousands people, if you don’t innovate and adapt you’ll soon or later be in trouble.[/quote_box_center]

What are the main characteristics any tech executive should have?


First of all: listening, to both people around them and to customers obviously.  Second important characteristic, in my opinion, being prepared to disrupt, maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit, even in big companies.

As a part of the top management in a company, a tech executive must always be the one who stimulates, inspires and reveals the ever-changing world of technology. If you combine it with the right amount of business acumen, and the capacity to listen you will have a perfect leader for your tech team. And not only tech, I feel that each business leader must have these qualities a CxO level… no matter what the abbreviation is, a successful company needs a group of people with clear ideas on how to develop a business and capable of working in a team.


Tell us a bit about your professional background


Technology has been my passion since I was 16, for, let’s see… more than 30 years. Soon after I graduated, (Physics, Ed.) I entered the entrepreneurial world, and during the mid 90ties I’ve started few companies, some of very successful, some a bit less. It was a very interesting and dynamic period, where we experimented with “new” stuff, like web application development, HTML and of course mobile technologies.

I’ve always considered business skills as a key asset for a technologist, and this is why I decided to take an Executive MBA in London, and enter the world of multinational businesses and markets. With strong technological background, newly acquired business administrations skills and interest in both financial and marketing side of business, I’ve turned to a new challenge: management. It’s actually one of the most difficult things you can do in life, but I’ve always been a team player and I was looking forward to it.

After different experiences, abroad and in Italy, from large companies to startups, I have matured my experience and competences at CxO level, and finally arrived in Neomobile, where I’m working as CTO.



How does your average work day look like?

[quote_box_center]After my morning coffee I go through my inbox, even though I have already checked it for urgencies before arriving in the office, and yes, I do check my email 24/7 (laughs). Then I proceed with daily activities, I often participate at sprints, and I have meetings with team leaders and top management team, and our business partners. Of course I always leave some spare time for unplanned issues that need to be resolved. My work day is pretty busy and organized so if you need to meet me, despite my open door policy, better to make an appointment.[/quote_box_center]

What is the most challenging part of leading a tech team, dislocated in different countries, across Europe and Latin America?


The distance, of course. But there are many ways to override it: I think a sort of educational leadership is the key, you need to communicate a vision to the people, since you’re not able to be physically beside them. Furthermore, few but clear procedures and processes are also very important for remote collaboration, since they impact directly the time and efficiency of the team. This is why designing good internal organization and processes is crucial in global companies like Neomobile.

At the same time it is the most challenging task, because in our industry, the only certainty is change. It takes the full dedication and commitment of the management team to create the perfect work environment, remove obstacles and accelerate processes in order to achieve desired results.


The most interesting project you have worked on in Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]Positioning Neomobile’s tech team at the core of business strategy. I have to say, actually all projects we are working on, especially those where technology does play as a key business differentiator.[/quote_box_center]

What are your priorities in Neomobile, the thoughts you always bear in mind?

[quote_box_center]I would say business needs first, since keeping an eye on the business development side is surely fundamental for company long –term success. Then of course people, listening and understanding your team because innovative solutions could come from anybody at any level, and finally good management – absorbing uncertainties, represent an integrity model especially when pressure mounts and supporting people in achieving their goals.[/quote_box_center]

What makes Neomobile unique among digital companies, from the technological point of view?

[quote_box_center]In my opinion it’s our dynamic nature and entrepreneurial spirit, which is a great advantage in today’s competitive landscape. It’s the approach I find natural, since for me the dynamic contexts are the most driving and stimulating ones.[/quote_box_center]


Stay tuned for more articles from out Tech series, get to know some of our most talented programmers and developers, and discover why Neomobile is one of the youngest, most innovative and successful tech companies in Italy and globally.