Neomobile & Codemotion Host Hackathon in Rome: May 16-17, 2015


Neomobile and Codemotion are proud to be hosting “Hack Disabilities”, a hackathon coming this May in Rome

What is the Hackathon?

In collaboration with UDOO, Arduino, IBM & Informatici Senza Frontiere, Neomobile & Codemotion are hosting an event where developers, engineers, students, and those who work in communications or in the field of disability can come together to develop innovative technology to empower those with sensory disabilities ( blind and visually impaired).


The 2-day event takes place between Saturday, May 16 & Sunday May 17th


The hackathon will be held at Neomobile’s brand new HQ office located on Via della Sierra Nevada, 60 in Rome, Italy.

This will be a non-stop two day marathon of creativity, technology, entertainment & sharing.

How to Register:

Click Here to Register & Buy Tickets

Hack Disabilities aims to bring together tech enthusiasts to ease the obstacles and difficulties of those who have sensory disabilities in an alternative way. Get in the game with Neomobile & Codemotion on May 16-17, 2015 for a good cause!

For more information visit and (in Italian).


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