Neomobile buzz – Mobile World Congress 2013


What Neomobile team thinks about this year’s edition of MWC

“A massive and diverse event where both large and small players competed with each other to determine who was not only the strongest, but also the most innovative and the most social player in the mobile industry.”

Marco Corradino

Jr Strategy Specialist


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Paola Chiesa

Product Management Specialist


“Full mobile immersion. Many new insights. It’s a pity that Google didn’t participate though.”

Zorana Milicevic

Product Licensing & Partnership Senior Specialist


“Barcelona MWC, innovation to die for!”

Fabrizio Parzanese

Product &Partnership Manager


“It was my first time @ Mobile World Congress: great location, good organization and some interesting meetings for future marketing opportunities!”

Laura Corallo

Online Marketing Account Manager


“I have witnessed how big the mobile world is and I’m sure it will get even bigger in the near future, offering infinite opportunities are that we must take advantage of.”

Gokmen Atak

Onebip Product, Offer & Quality Senior Specialist


“Although I might be considered a veteran due to my 5 MWC experiences as an exhibitor, this year the new venue was a positive shock especially in terms of km done in only 4 days (and I was safe only thanks to my pilates workout). As usual, the novelties of the mobile market were so surprising that I couldn’t help but think ‘with my blackberry curve I feel like riding a horse in this auto racing!’.”

Noa Sevilla

Corporate Communication Manager


“The event was like a concentration of the whole mobile sector of the world in one venue, with all  important players keen to show the best they’ve got. Cutting edge novelties and a 360 degree overview of what’s happening in the market – this is what the MWC offered.

I had an interesting encounter with a Hungarian company offering white label music streaming solutions and we even held our meeting in Hungarian 🙂 – the first time when I actually used my mother language in my work!”

Hajnalka Bagosi

Business Operations Specialist


“When compared with previous years, and the new venue, MWC was smaller and more compact as space, whereas business-wise, it was much bigger in terms of the number of opportunities for Onebip.”

Can Iscan

Onebip Business Development Senior Manager


“To say that we’ve got a busy week planned is quite an understatement! It’s that magic time of year when mobile nerds and enthusiasts get gathered to share their insane addiction :)”

Gioia Pistola

Online Media Projects Specialist


“For me the MWC was a great way to interact with people, or avatars, I work with “virtual” on a daily basis; Being able to meet the content providers face to face made it possible to get to know them personally. This is always a plus! 🙂

The Fira itself was a great experience and being part of it was even greater. It was my first year attending the MWC and being there with my fellow colleagues made it more than just worthwhile.”

Valentina Barzotti

Jr Product Licensing & Partnership Specialist


“The real novelty was the Venue Gran Via, less charming than the previous one… for the rest it was a year of transition, as it isn’t clear which direction the real innovation is going to.”

Raffaele Rossetti

Country Manager Italy


“Exciting, amazing, full of opportunities, interesting!

It was a big opportunity to meet our partners, to share with them ideas and new ways to create business. Definitely it has been the best way to get in touch with the future of our business.”

Terssa Strazza

Senior Marketing Specialist