Neomobile officially presents new corporate HQ in Rome, Italy

Neomobile opened the doors of it’s brand new corporate headquarter in Rome, welcoming partners, friends and families, in an evening that revisited the company’s history, most important millstones and of course the exciting future. We’ve concluded the successful year and welcomed the new one with one of our most creative projects so far: new HQ as a catalyst for the future, a destination for the synergy of mobile technology, innovation and smart co working.

The unique historical complex that hosts our HQ, where past meets the future, inspired the entire creative team to design a space with special kind of vibe, with smart design and non traditional elements that will shape the way people act, interact and produce.

The main drivers for this grand design were explained by our CEO, Gianluca D’Agostino: “Passion, innovation, transparency, and beauty – behind the striking brick façade, are a world-class, four-story work space, modern, flexible offices that will support our growing team and inspire us to drive forward the mobile monetization technology”.

Neomobile’s HQ, with it’s interesting interplay between open and closed spaces, provides a perfect work environment for a collaborative and creative community of like-minded professionals, with glass walls, numerous meeting rooms, phone booth and relax areas.

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