MWC 2017, the biggest global mobile industry event, will be focused on innovation and disruption in mobile technologies, especially virtual reality, IOT, entertainment and content

As thousands of mobile innovators, experts and enthusiasts prepare to “invade” the beautiful city of Barcelona, we are set to explore the big topics of MWC 2017. Leaving aside the devices and hardware, that will surely dominate the show (although we’re curious to see the Nokia’s relaunch on the iconic 3310), we would like to explore the user behaviors & consumption side – the consumer IT. In a recent interview, Nick Spencer, GSMA Conference Director, explained that one of the most exciting topics will be the communication strategies used by brands and services, and how they are using big data to personalize their offer to suit the demand.

An important topic of this year’s edition will be “Mobile Operator Digital Transformation”, presented during the first day of the Conference, and focusing on the MNOs challenges of slowing growth and ongoing disruption of core services by new internet players. This session will feature CEOs and experts from Telefonica, Orange, Huawei and more, highlighting the opportunity and steps required for operators to undertake digital transformation to benefit from these opportunities and gain a share of the incremental revenues, by developing new business models and skills to compete effectively.

Another relevant theme in line with the previous topic and closely related to the consumer IT, will be the content & media from the operators’ point of view, as they are (finally) entering the content creation and delivery market. The conference “Consumer Advertising and the MNO” will be focused on the potential of the consumer data “wealth” and the demand that is becoming hyper-personalized and contextualized. As conference organizers underline, it is estimated that mobile operators can increase global data revenues by $47 billion with upsell offers based on real-time customer context. Recent high-profile acquisitions demonstrate that operators are repositioning themselves as media & advertising focused businesses. The key speakers from Telefónica, AOL, Forsquare, Drawbridge and Smartpipe will discuss what can be learnt from other industries and how operators can make the most of the advertising opportunity.

When it comes to content, it will be very interesting to hear the insights form the “The Content Gold Rush” conference featuring John Hanke, creator of Pokemon GO, Founder & CEO of NIANTIC, who will talk about the content evolution and disruption, together with Huawei, Vivendi and Turner CEOs. This keynote will help us understand their content strategies and the role of mobile networks and devices as the primary, delivery, consumption, production and engagement channel for consumers.

The most anticipated keynote will surely be Reed Hastings session: CEO and founder of Netflix, a service that brought true disruption, as content has taken on the role as one of the primary assets for consumer engagement and loyalty in the digital economy. Netflix is synonymous with this new production, delivery and personalized engagement model.

These are some of topics we’re very enthusiastic about, join us at MWC and let’s discuss the world of consumer IT. We will be in Hall 8.1, stand 8.1K41.

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