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New Whitepaper by Juniper Research: Mobile Payments for Digital & Physical Goods

Mobile payments continues to represent one of the most dynamic and fast-evolving arenas not merely in mobile, but in the fabric of our society. This fifth edition of Juniper’s market leading report provides an essential guide for all mobile payments stakeholders; brands, content providers, digital storefronts, retailers, operators, payments platform providers and regulators; wishing to develop strategies designed to maximise their opportunities from digital and physical goods payment.

The report features the profile of Onebip, mobile payment service by Neomobile.



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Smartphones Outsell Feature Phones in Brazil

According to estimates by International Data Corporation (IDC), 10.4 million smartphones were sold in Brazil in Q3 2013—a 19% quarter-over-quarter increase and a 147% hike compared with the same period in 2012.

More than growth, IDC figures pointed to an important shift in Brazil’s mobile market. As smartphone prices drop and mobile networks continue to expand, more consumers are setting aside their old feature phones for smart devices. Since Q3 2012, feature phone sales have been giving way to increased smartphone adoption. While smartphones represented around 27.5% of mobile phone sales in Brazil in the third quarter of 2012, the number sold in the same period last year accounted for 58.1% of newly purchased devices.




Mobile Music Listeners Press Play on Smartphones


The days of portable audio cassette and CD players are long gone. Instead, most mobile users listen to mobile music on newer, smaller devices, and a study by AYTM Market Research found that smartphones were the chart-topper among devices used.

The majority of US mobile users surveyed in December 2013 said they listened to mobile music at least “sometimes,” and around half of that group played songs “often.” Likely due to their more portable size, smartphones were the leading device for listening among mobile music users, including those who “rarely” listened. iPods and MP3 players—also small in size—ranked second. Tablets, which some may consider too bulky to carry around just to listen to music, trailed far behind.

Smartphones may be the device of choice for mobile music listening, but September 2013 research by ChoiceStream revealed that US internet users were far more likely to purchase music on a computer than on a mobile device, at 50.0% vs. 27.3%.



Citi exec: Mobile payments evolving into smart device utility

As mobile use continues its upward spiral, mobile payments will be seen as part of the normal milieu, such as credit cards are now, and the mobile payment function will become a smart device utility instead of an application, according to a Citi executive at Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2014.