The Global Mobile Money Landscape


The latest overview of the Global Mobile Money Landscape by MEF features Onebip, Neomobile’s mobile payment service

The current state of the global mobile payments, as confirmed in MEFs infographics, shows that the sector is becoming the mainstream, with it’s ecosystem and key players, ranging from innovative start ups, and established mobile payment companies to operators, banks and device manufacturers.

MEF defines Mobile Money into six categories: in-store payments, online payments, P2P payments, direct operator billing, mobile wallets and mPos, but also points out that new services are continually being launched and trialed making this one of the most dynamic mobile industries.

As a leader in Europe and Latin America in mobile commerce market for digital goods, Neomobile believes that Direct Operator Billing is a next big thing for the mobile payment ecosystem. It will drive mobile operator business model to the next level, together with the digital merchants and app developers, providing at the same time the unique User Experience and safest way for online shopping.

Discover more about Neomobile’s mobile payment service Onebip.

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