Neomobile’s Monthly Roundup – October 2014


Top monthly news from the mobile & tech industry selected by Neomobile

Apple Launches Apple Pay

Apple finally launched Apple Pay, the company’s mobile-payment system that only works with the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the latest iPads. (Though you can’t use iPads for in-store payments.) Even though mobile payments have been around for several years now, Apple Pay is seen by many as a key step toward making paying-by-phone more mainstream due to all the increased attention.


Alibaba shares reach record high

The Chinese e-commerce company’s shares hit a record high on Tuesday following rumors of a marriage with Apple Pay.

Wal-Mart’s status as the world’s largest retailer is on shaky ground today after a bump in Alibaba’s share price drove the Chinese e-commerce giant’s market capitalization to $251 billion, compared with roughly $246 billion for Wal-Mart.


Half of YouTube’s Traffic Is Now From Mobile

Capping off the first evening of Code/Mobile, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki shared some new numbers about the video-sharing website, revealing that about 50 percent of views on YouTube are coming from a mobile phone or tablet. The company last reported mobile views at 40 percent. “Mobile is super important. I think it’s important for every business right now,” she said. In addition to talking about YouTube’s growth, Wojcicki also discussed exploring new subscription services, with an ad-free service being one option.


Mobile games revenue to overtake consoles in 2015

Mobile games will generate more revenue than console titles in 2015, according to research specialist Newzoo. In its quarterly global games market update, the company estimates that revenues from smartphone and tablet titles will reach $25bn in 2014, up 42% on 2013, and $30.3bn in 2015.

The company sees steady growth in the mature US and European regions, but much more explosive expansion in the emerging south-east Asian markets and China up by 86%. Newzoo also predicts strong growth in Japanese iOS and Android game revenues, offsetting the decline of the region’s previously dominant feature phones.


Microsoft Band works with Android, iPhone too

Windows Phone fitness tracker packs a range of features including a color touchscreen, heart rate tracker and GPS.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has largely missed out on the smartwatch and fitness tracker fun, but with the new Microsoft Band it’s finally in the game. And what’s more, the Band actually works with more than just Windows-based mobiles: it syncs with your iPhone or Android phone too.