The growth of digital advertising in Italy continues, the market is worth € 2.36 billion but there are still numerous challenges to overcome

The most important mobile market trends in Italy are positive: the Italian digital advertising market continues to grow, 9% compared with 2015 – even if there is a performance gap compared to Europe and US, that grew respectively + 13% and + 19%.

The last IAB Forum, held last November in Milan, with the main topics related to the challenges of the digital market, which currently represents 3.3% of Italian GDP. The highest growth rate and the biggest investments are related to video and mobile, while mobile remains the most unexplored potential.

The online advertising is still tied to desktop with 66%, smartphone takes 30% and tablet apps 4% – a figure showing the gap between mobile and desktop is still quite considerable.

However, Italy is improving its connectivity, as shown by the data presented Audiweb at opening of the IAB Forum: the total digital audience reaches 26.4 million unique users per month and, compared to last year, it te numbers of Italians between 18 and 74 years surfing the mobile web increased by 35.3%. The availability of devices accessing the Internet has increased by 12% compared to 2015, thus reaching the same access values ​​via desktop PC.

We arrive to the most interesting data: mobile navigation doubled in a year, reaching 4.3 million unique users per month, an increase of + 102.7%, yet a much smaller number at 20.8 million Italians who navigate both the mobile and desktop but with strong growth index. Furthermore, 77.8% of total time spent online is on mobile, mostly on social media, entertainment content or apps. This data indicates that companies are carefully watching the user behavior and demand, transforming and adapting the offer, making it more mobile friendly.

The real turning point can happened oly through the Digital Enablers, the players that drive the digital transformation, operating in areas on the rise, such as Programmatic ADV, App, Cloud, Big Data, IoT and online security – areas which are driving growth of the entire digital industry.