A closer look at mobile ad spending, mobile internet and social media trends dominating the German mobile market

The German mobile market is the largest in Europe, with more than 115 million subscribers, which is equivalent to 141 percent of the population, and constant investments in 3G and the fast-developing LTE sectors. High smartphone penetration of over 50% (and growing, according to eMarketer) is driving up mobile web access, and increasing the demand for quality content, apps and streaming services.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest statistics.

2015 Mobile Internet Ad Spending in Germany to reach $878.8 Million

In 2015, companies in Germany are expected to spend $878.8 Million USD on mobile and in-app ads during the year. Back in 2013, advertisers in Germany are among the latest to climb aboard the mobile bandwagon. According to the “MAC Mobile-Report 2013/01” prepared by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW), mobile ad was set to reach €105 million ($135 million) in 2013 —a rise of 70% when compared to the previous year.

Penetration of mobile devices will climb strongly as consumer confidence improves. The German economy has shown strength and is gaining momentum. The shift to mobile is well on its way to help the mobile ad industry boom.


Mobile Internet Picking Up Speed in Germany, as 50% Surf the Web via Mobile Devices

About 50% of consumers in Germany now access the web with a smartphone or tablet.

As of October 2014, mobile internet penetration in Germany quickly approached 50%. Researchers calculate that as of 2014, Germany had 70.33 million mobile internet consumers that ranged from ages 14 and up. Of the total, more than 34 million (48.4%) had accessed the mobile internet with their devices in the previous three months. These numbers represent a positive growth opportunity in 2015.



It was discovered that males were more likely to buy apps and computer or video games, according to the AGOF report. According to eMarketer, females were not far behind in app purchases and were well ahead of males when it came to buying physical goods such as books, event tickets, fragrances and clothing.



In 2015, Germans are expected to get social, just not on Facebook

In 2013, a BITKOM survey found that 78% of all web users in Germany ages 14 and up, had a profile on at least one social network in 2013. Of these users, 67% were an active user which is estimated to be equivalent to 37 million people. According to eMarketer, this number is expected to grow 36.5 Million in 2015.

As of July 2013, the average web user in Germany was using about 2.5 social networks. Unlike most other Europeans, numbers show that Germans are not big Facebook users.



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