Mobile Games and the Future of Consoles


An analysis on who will win the videogame war: consoles or mobile games?

Yes, mobile games are definitely the hip new thing, attracting everyone from smartphone savvy toddlers to tablet addicted grandmas. Mobile is so powerful that children are actually leaving their televisions for mobile cartoons. The fast-paced growth in mobile gaming has brought a new wave of popularity to the world of videogames, an undeniable truth.

The success seen in this sector is making some analysts begin to worry, that this ma be a threat to the producers of gaming consoles such as Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Wii U. In fact, there are many who feel that the speedy development of mobile games is a sort of death sentence that could one day finish off the console market.

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Let’s take a closer look at whether or not console gaming should be scared of this development.

There are many facts that are supporting the idea that mobile games are pushing console systems out of the way. For example, mobile console systems such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS have seen a recent decrease in participation compared to mobile phones and tablets. For one, mobile games are easily surpassing limits with an infinite growth in game selection. Mobile games are becoming more convenient with each day in terms of cost, availability, technology and easy access. Because of this, a recent article published on, asked a provocative question: ¿Can mobile devices transform the PS4, Xbox One y Wii U, into the last generation of gaming consoles?

According to Daniel Rubino from Windows Phone Central, thanks to multiple technological advances, mobile games are able to meet user demands and expectations. By adapting to a mass market of smart devices, they are easily able to find financers for high quality games. The mobile sector has found a land of opportunity within the videogame market. Rene Ritchie, Editor in chief of iMore, believes the mobility factor is an opportunity that devices like smartphones and tablets that will take advantage of to take over the market.

It’s worth saying that not all the experts agree there will be a future with no consoles. In fact, consoles still hold many advantages over mobile games. For starters, the powerful hard drive in consoles is undoubtedly superior to mobile games. Apart from this, consoles don’t have the limits that smartphones and tablets have in terms of game length, battery power, and saving capacity.

While it’s true that all these technical considerations validate the consoles’ place in the videogame market, there is one more (even more powerful) that exists: the user experience. The truth remains that console system consumers probably won’t be easily convinced to sacrifice the user experience offered by consoles for a smartphone or a tablet. In other words, two clearly defined niches clearly exist in the videogame industry: The console aficionados and the casual gamers on mobile devices.

In the end, many may see the future of the videogame industry could consist of a healthy coexistence between the world of mobile and gaming consoles. Anders Jeppsson, in charge of the global gaming category for BlackBerry, says the mobile world, “is simply adding something new to videogames that didn’t yet exist in computers or consoles.” Surely, the revolution of mobile world is making the videogame industry more dynamic and filled with new experiences – which means, that there is no way that our beloved console systems are destined to disappear.