Mobile games take advantage of a market filled with new opportunities


Thanks to the rapid changes mobile devices have been undergoing, mobile games have become one of today’s most profitable niches and also hold much promise in the future. According to data collected by Forbes y Garnet, the mobile game industry represents one of the largest growing segments in today’s market [1]. Between the launch of Tetris from Hagenuk MT 2000 and Snake from Nokia 6110, loads of changes have taken place in regards to mobile game development and many more are expected to come (Click here to learn about the History of Mobile Games).

For starters, the mobile gaming market has always favoured three important trends: the preference for mobile devices, the continuous fall in prices for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and the high percentage of consumed video games on mobile devices. These factors show us that there are millions of new potential users to be gained.

In terms of technology, there are many changes that have allowed the mobile gaming industry to evolve over time. As a result, both the quality and user experience have improved. Some trends that support this idea include the use of HTML5 technology for the development of mobile games, a trend that Neomobile has decided to pursue with its new investment in game developer, Boostermedia.  

Mobile games are predicted to improve in quality due to the following factors:

a)      The arrival of ultra-powerful chips

b)      Designs with larger screens which will influence the demand for a hybrid mobile phones and the growing possibility to connect smartphones with televisions.

c)      Emergence of HTML5 technology

The mobile gaming industry’s bright future finds itself in the middle of an inevitable conflict within the world of consoles and mobile devices.

As long as the gaming console market continues to bloom due to its great technological advances and innovative games like the new Super Mario 3D World by Nintendo, it is fair to say that mobile devices will also follow suit, snatching a growing piece of the video game market.

Another key factor to consider are all the additional innovations including the consolidation of 4G technology and its potential to download and transfer data. This type of possibility is predicted to encourage developers to create attractive games that might include the arrival of multiplayer mobile programs [2]. If what you like is mobile entertainment, the future is more than promising.

Check out the predictions of the mobile gaming future in our new infographics.



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