Mobile etiquette: do’s and don’ts when using your mobile phone


Neomobile analyzes the most common bad behaviors when using a smartphone and how to avoid them.

Everybody is aware of the smartphones boom and many people cannot avoid having one or even more.

Latest eMarketer analysis says that “by the end of 2012, over half of mobile phone users in six countries had made the switch from feature phones to smartphones. The coming years will see a domino effect hit regions around the world as smartphones become the norm in more places.”[1]

This means that almost everywhere, you will find someone using a cellphone.
Mobile devices are changing both our habits – as we have shown recently in our post and infographic – and social behaviors, that’s why some rules must be followed to respect people around.

Rebecca R. Hastings, Director of “Society for Human Resource Management”, in 2008 defined cellphones as the “cigarettes of this decade” meaning that people may be uncomfortable due to an uneducated usage of cellphones, like passive smoking in someone else’s face.

Here is a short list of the most common rude behaviors when using a cellphone.

  1. High ringtone or speaking loud near others and often unknown people. Ringtone says a lot about us and our preferences, so be careful when you choose yours  because it is the first impression people you don’t know will have about you, and sometimes they could make you feel embarrassed.
  2. Another common scene is people texting while walking, very dangerous for others, or while driving, which is even worse and illegal. We can often notice cars on the highway and think ‘hey this driver is drunk’ and instead he’s writing a text (or chatting!) or he’s immerse in a call without headphones.
  3. Many people don’t even care about the place where they answer a call, and it happens typically at cinemas, trains, meetings, weddings, funerals, libraries, hospitals etc.
  4. Another common bad behavior (sometimes considered  acceptable) is putting cellphones on the dining table at restaurants.

Mobile is everywhere and having a smartphone means also respecting each other by following simple social rules even at work.

It is important to have good manners especially in the office and during meetings:

– Activate the silent mode on your cellphone.
– Do not use your phone while engaged in other business.
– If you need to answer a call during a meeting, apologize in advance, and silently leave the room.

And last but not least be aware that if your smartphone is for work purposes, it is like a mini computer that carries confidential company’s documents, content and emails that you need to protect, for example with security apps, passwords and pin codes.





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Noa Sevilla

Sr. Corporate Communication Manager