Mobile & Digital Trends in the Andean Region


Discover mobile and digital trends in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador in our Andean series and latest infographic

When it comes to analysing mobile trends in the Andean Region, Neomobile has got you covered. We have collected all the data and brought you three exclusive insights about digital and mobile shopping trends in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.

We bring you bellow the summary of our Andean region digital market trends, with our latest infographic. For more information check out the dedicated articles.

Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador: Digital Shopping Trends

The 3 most important economies in Andean region, show positive growth signs related to the mobile commerce industry. Retail of digital goods and distribution chains are still in early developing stages, but mobile content is becoming very popular, especially with the smartphone penetration increase.

We have selected most important data related to the local mobile market trends, digital shopping and the top Apps overview, that show, without a doubt a region strongly committed to improve the connectivity and smart devices penetration rate.

Here’s our newest infographic showcasing mobile stats in the Andean Region.Take a look and don’t forget to share!