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M Commerce Market worth $467.3 Billion in 2019

With the fast moving internet technology and increasing growth in smartphone market, the world is becoming closer in terms of communication. Due to this, the new modes of business transactions and communication have found their way in the market. M Commerce services are the medium through which people can perform business transactions and communication with each other without paying heavy charges unlike in traditional mode of services.

M Commerce Market is experiencing new innovations from major mobile and technology players such as Ericsson, Gemalto, Google, IBM, MasterCard, Mopay, Oxygen8, PayPal, SAP, and Visa among various others. The market for M Commerce is driven by forces such as increasing adoption of smart devices, and increasing growth of broadband connectivity. Also, M Commerce services are cheaper than the traditional services like banking, purchase, or marketing and advertising.

The major driving factors for M Commerce Market are increasing adoption of smart devices, better broadband connectivity, cheaper services, socially adoption of M Commerce services etc. M Commerce service providers are facing challenges in terms of dependency on internet networks, monetization of user base, and fierce competition.

MarketsandMarkets forecasts the M Commerce Market to grow from $116.1 billion in 2014 to $467.3 billion in 2019. In terms of geographies, North America and Europe is expected to be the biggest market in terms of revenue contribution, while Asia-Pacific (APAC) and MEA are expected to experience increased market traction, during the forecast period.




Smartphone Market Leaders, Samsung And Apple, Both Lost Share In Q1, Says Analyst

Strategy Analytics has put out its latest smartphone market figures for Q1, and the market watcher has Samsung and Apple both losing share in the quarter.

While Apple’s marketshare being squeezed by Android OEMs is nothing new, Samsung’s dip is the first annual marketshare loss for the company in the smartphone category since Q4 2009, according to the analyst — underlining a sense that the Korean electronics giant is losing momentum as rival Android OEMs continue to improve their offerings.

Galaxy brand phone maker Samsung shipped 89 million smartphones globally in Q1, taking a 31% marketshare, according to Strategy Analytics, down slightly from the 32% it took a year earlier.

Meanwhile Apple shipped 43.7 million iPhones globally during the quarter, taking a 15% marketshare — down from the 17% it commanded in Q1 2013.



Samsung ordered to pay Apple $119.6m

A jury in California delivered its verdict in a federal court in San Jose on Friday in the latest lawsuit involving the two tech giants.

Apple had sought $2bn at the trial, accusing Samsung of violating patents on smartphone features.

The court also ruled that Apple infringed Samsung’s patents and awarded $158,000 in damages.

Apple had sought $2.2bn after accusing Samsung of infringing five of its patents covering functions such as the “slide to unlock” from its devices.

Samsung denied any wrongdoing and sought $6m after arguing Apple had infringed two of its smartphone patents related to camera use and video transmission.