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Neomobile’s insight into the exciting evolution of mobile advertising and the future developments

Mobile marketing today is one of the fastest-growing areas of the global mobile industry. Just few years ago it was an exciting new frontier in digital advertising, but today its value exceeded all expectations, with the latest reports estimating that it will hit $41.9 billion in 2017 (Gartner). The market is also rapidly changing and improving, with provider consolidation, measurement standardization and new targeting technologies[1], but also with increased interest in mobile as an advertising media.

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Mobile devices have a very interesting synergy with the internet connection: mobile has, in a way, reinvented internet, allowing it to become more personal, accessible anytime and anywhere. In the process of “migration” from desktop to mobile, advertising also evolved, facing a massive audience of billions of users.

Let’s take a quick look at mobile advertising evolution.


The short history of mobile adv

The mobile advertising industry came a long way since the early nineties, with the first online banner ad sold to a Silicon Valley law firm by a website called Global Network Navigator in 1993, and  HotWired website, that back in 1994 was the first online publication to sell large quantities of online display ads to corporate advertisers.

The evolution continued with the boom of the SMS, and continued with the launch of Google AdWords in 2000, an online advertising service, that is today Google’s main source of revenues.

Of course, the groundbreaking moment was the launch of iPhone and Android in 2007, that set new standards not only for mobile advertising, but the entire mobile industry. The entrance of social media on the scene was marked with the launch of mobile ads on the Facebook mobile app in 2012.

Throughout this entire history the main goal of advertisers was reaching users, and sending the relevant ad directly to the palm of their hand. With the advent of smartphones and the ubiquities computing “real-time & place” advertising became the word of the day.

And today we can finally define what will the future bring, as noted by Dan Rowinski (Mobile Editor at ReadWrite): “Between programmatic advertising and contextual networks, the near-term future of mobile ads is beginning to take shape”.[2]


Neomobile’s perspective on the state of Mobile ADV today

During the mobile ADV evolution surely the turning point was the passage from the SMS campaign to the display advertising, that relies on user navigation and then intercept potential customers while they are browsing, using an App, or simply using their smartphones. With this important shift, the possibilities for innovation and interaction models are endless.

The near future will be most definitely be dedicated to data analysis and programmatic buying, or the ability to negotiate any single impression, assigning it the appropriate value based on the cost objectives and targets.


So how does Neomobile position in this vast market?

One of the most important aspects is knowing deeply the mobile internet traffic dynamics, and also having the seamless connectivity with mobile advertising platforms globally. Neomobile is connected with all major platforms worldwide and we have all the necessary internal analytics tools that can maximize the performance of every single campaign.

Within our company the media team is an important center of cross-country competence,  with local expertise in the field of Google Advertising and Mobile AdNetwork.

In a modern digital companies, each team needs to stay in constant synergy with the rest of the company, especially regarding the development of tools and technologies that require constant improvement, due to the dynamics of the industry itself.

A several years long collaboration with Google is also our strongpoint. It does not consist merely in the purchase of advertising space: we are engaged together in the constant analysis of new trends and competitive landscape, in order to personalize the offer for each local market.

By constant market analysis we’ve realized that the most common question  that content creators face is how to manage, optimize and monetize products simultaneously on different platforms?

Our experts answer: HTML5 and carrier billing, of course.


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