In the recent insight by MEF Minute, Ricardo Bastos, General Manager for MEF LatAm shares top 10 facts & figures about the exciting mobile market in Brazil. Discover the article highlights

The insight focuses on the most important data related to the world’s 4th largest mobile market: with a population of 200 million, Brazil has 278 Million mobile phones in use. Furthermore it’s smartphone user base is estimated at 89.5 million, the 5th largest in the world,  growing at an annual rate of 22%. It is also a very competitive market since there is no dominant operator and the relationship between users and network operators is an established and trusted one which ensures the MNOs maintain their dominant role.

This brings us to one of the most important forecasts by Mr. Bastos regarding the growth of Carrier billing during 2015. With a very high numbers of unbanked users (38% of the population) and expensive compliance legislation for online retailers, carrier billing is expected to experience strong growth in Brazil in the next few years.

One more market segment will experience important expansion: mobile ad spend. 2014 marked the third consecutive year that mobile ad spending more than doubled, year on year, in Brazil. It represents an 18-fold growth since 2011, and now stands at US$ 237M. This represents only 8.7% of total online ad spending, a very low percentage for an emerging market and continuous growth in this sector is predicted.

On the other hand the App market, despite it’s growth and numerous new start-ups, a true app ecosystem is yet to form in earnest. In 2013, the whole of Latin America contributed only 6% of total world app market value.


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