The Ericsson Mobility Report, one of the most influential analysis of data traffic and in-depth global network measurements, brings focus on the massive growth of mobile video and the future increase forecast

In our previous post we have covered the highlights from the latest edition of Ericsson Mobility Report, including the infographic. Today we’d like to focus on the data regarding the massive growth of mobile video: general forecast indicates the growth by around 55 percent annually through 2021, when it will account for around 70 percent of all mobile data traffic. The report also shows that the share of traffic generated by social networking will have declined from 15 percent in 2015 to 10 percent by 2021, mainly as a result of stronger growth in the video category. Furthermore, consumer preferences are shifting towards more video and app-based mobile use relative to web browsing.

One of the factors influencing the volumes of different types of traffic will also be the types of devices, for example, phablets and tablets are associated with a higher share of online video traffic than smartphones. Typically, tablets and smartphones are used equally for watching short video content, but tablets are preferred for watching longer video content.

For more data on video data traffic download the full report and check out our graphics with highlights below.