How do I live Diversity in Neomobile?


Just as the entire business landscape has been changed in the last few years, becoming tech, mobile and social friendly, so did the world of HR, overcoming its “administrative” imprint, and transforming into the  cornerstone of the talents discovery and placement, personal development and values implementation, that are crucial for achieving the company’s overall business goals. Neomobile recently launched a Blog that will be a blend of innovative HR approaches through new media, labor market challenges, and tips & tricks for job seekers. We will post frequently and insightful stories by  the people of Neomobile, showing a non-business side of the company.

Today we would like to share with you a post about diversity written by one of our HR colleagues.

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Taking public transportation – destination: Neomobile

I find my way to work very interesting because of how the world is becoming more and more connected. Living in the eternal city of Rome is about living in such an international city where I am surrounded by people who come from different nationalities.

In my way to Neomobile I always listen to music. My favorite kind of music is the symphony of the different accents of people talking around me. And then I travel…I travel with them, into their words, into their sounds. I got so used to this music that I feel it is “THE” music that drives my life and my relationships with others. The name I gave to it is the Diversity Symphony.

Indians, Brazilians, Italians, Germans, people from everywhere following their destinies and routines. All those people coming and going, with a mix of so many kinds of rhythms. I’m proud of my Brazilian accent; it shows a little bit about me, about my personality.

Arriving at Neomobile: Buongiorno a tutti – I say in Italian

My experience working for Neomobile has been great so far. And this is not the only reason I smile. I smile every day because I am Brazilian and I try to pass the positive energy which characterizes the culture I come from. It is important not to forget who you are and where you come from. It is important to learn from others and make synergies. Cultural synergies should become part of the daily life. There are always new things we can learn from each other and teach others.

Working in Neomobile

As an HR Partner for Latin America I have to deal continually with my colleagues in Brazil, Colombia & Mexico.  I face an international environment on a day to day basis through my interaction with the employees. It’s fun, but when the Diversity symphony starts to play, we have to follow and keep in mind that respecting and having an empathic approach towards others are relevant in all aspects – it goes beyond our business.

Opening up my mind is becoming part of my routine. It is an everyday process because every day something different happens. Working for Neomobile means working in a diverse team, in a multicultural environment where everyone is motivated to interact and have equal opportunities to show their points of view.


Eduardo Di Paolo

*Editor’s note: the author was a Neomobile emloyee until 2014