Life before mobile


Get nostalgic with Neomobile – remembering the life before our mobile devices

Here’s a little age test: do you know what is the link between a pencil and a cassette?  If you do then you probably remember how was life before mobile. But we’re not taking sides here. The positive and negative arguments are so numerous, naming them all would make you have to scroll this page to infinity. Regardless if you think that they bring us closer or make us drift apart, help us or enslave us, we all need to admit that they are inseparable part of our daily lives.

This article tries to remember, with a bit of nostalgia, the charm that the our daily lives had before mobile phones. To begin with, I’d say that we knew at least a dozen phone numbers by heart, and now we struggle to remember our own (well, at least in my case). Remember those nice (or embarrassing) chit-chats with your friend’s parents in case they answered the call first? We rarely have to introduce ourselves anymore when calling, sometimes we even feel awkward if we see the call from an unknown number. Driving is much easier today: if the person on the passenger seat is using the device, and not you, of course. Just put the precise location and in a matter of seconds you’ll know the distance, the time of arrival, if there is a traffic jam and even the fuel price at the nearby gas station. But we need to agree that getting lost because we didn’t interpret well the road map sometimes made us discover new places and meet new people, who gently offered to explain how to find our way, or to indicate the nearest hotel in case we drove in circles for past 3 hours.

Our bags are now much lighter: no need for camera, phone books, walkmen/disckman/mp3 player, books and so on. Our powerful devices contain all this and much more. We’ve become a superheroes of communication and social networking, writers, photographers and editors, who embrace all the powers of mobile, but at the same time get nostalgic and recall the “good old times”. I’m one of them too: I do miss that lovely sound of cassette revolving on a pencil… Oh I have to tweet this one!





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