Latin America – The Land of Mobile Opportunities


Neomobile’s insight into LatAm – how the region on the rise is driving the mobile & digital innovation

The current context of the Latin America’s economic development undoubtedly shows that emerging markets seem to be immune to the global crises: the immense array of opportunities and challenges that these markets offer, have inspired the long term macroeconomic reforms that are already showing positive results. One of the main recommendations for LatAm governments, stated in the OECD* report “Latin American Economic Outlook 2012”, is to support innovation and technological development.[1] An important part is therefore dedicated to the telecommunications sector, especially mobile technology and broadband Internet access, as the states are creating mechanisms and incentives to encourage investment (whether public or private) in socially desirable infrastructure to reach out and serve the entire community.

Latin America is the world’s third largest mobile market by volume, after Asia Pacific and Africa, with over 750 million connections in Q1 of 2013, as estimated by GSMA Intelligence, with the yearly growth of 13 %. Since 2011, the mobile internet has overcome the fixed broadband, which implied the necessity for the quality mobile broadband services. Mobile penetration data show rapid increase, from 96% in 2010 to 117% 2013, while the smartphone penetration is expected to reach 33% in 2014, showing impressive growth form only 9% in 2010.

The importance of mobile development was underlined also during the Latin American Summit at the MWC 2013, entitled “Connecting Latin America through Mobile Technology”. One of the keynote speakers Paulo Bernardo da Silva, the Brazilian Minister of Communications, stated that “telecommunications should play an important role in economic growth and mobile technologies are fundamental to increasing Internet access across the population.”[2]

All the factors, stated above, combined provide an important cornerstone within the initiatives to improve the overall quality of life, since they drive the development of quality mobile content: mobile education programmes, mobile health, mobile banking and payment, and finally mobile entertainment.

Neomobile is present in LatAm market since 2008, and today operates in Brazil, Andean countries (Colombia-Ecuador-Peru) and Mexico & CenAm, with offices in Sᾶo Paulo, Mexico City, and Bogotá. Our offering is related to a wide portfolio of digital products and services, aimed at meeting mobile users’ de­mand for entertainment services.

One of the important characteristics of mobile in emerging markets, is that it becomes the one and only device needed for the many different processes: from content discovery to final payment, the full circle is concluded without the need to switch to another device. Here lies the strength of Neomobile: our innovative products can be acquired via carrier billing, a cutting-edge mobile internet technology for digital goods like games/apps, video and music streaming, infotainment etc.

Being successful in a market that is undergoing constant changes and expansions is a difficult but challenging task. It requires above all the local presence and expertise, and deep knowledge of socio-economic grounds. We believe innovation, when coupled with the ability of adjusting offers to all market’s needs is a key to success: that is a secret behind Neomobile’s leadership position in LatAm for the last 5 years!

Discover more interesting statistics from LatAms digital landscape in our new infographic.



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*Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development