Knowledge Working in Neomobile: Mobile Innovation 101


Keeping up with the dynamic evolution of mobile industry through constant knowledge and skills improvement and sharing – discover how we do it

The mobile industry has one important characteristic (aside the fact that it revolutionized the world) and that is the dynamic nature of its development, that can be measured daily, even hourly. That’s why digital companies like Neomobile are well aware of the importance of constant technical knowledge and skills improvement: in order to innovate you need to invest into knowledge working.

So what is the knowledge working? To put it very simply, it is a work flow that consists of “non-routine” problem solving, that requires smart, creative and often disruptive thinking. Among many professions that require this approach, software developers are on the top of the list, due to the very nature of the IT industry.

In Neomobile, Onebip tech team is a great example of how knowledge working functions, where all team members acquire and share new knowledge and information, and transform it into new ideas, tools, or concepts where these new skills can be put into practice. We do it on a daily basis in our offices, but also during the numerous meetups, conferences, festivals and workshops, where all the knowledge work enthusiasts meet and share their experiences.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important events in the software development fields where our colleagues actively participate as lecturers and coaches.

The biggest event on Agile methodology in Italy, gathering software developers, project leaders, IT managers, testers, architects and coaches who have experiences to share, or who are just beginners in the field. Our Lean Manager Jacopo Romei participates as a coach, sharing the knowledge based on our own corporate experience. His preferred subject:  Liquid Organizations – as the classic management shows it’s limits a new generation of enterprises moves toward a new organizational frontiers: collaborative, flat, responsive, adaptive and anti-fragile.

Stay tuned for the next Agile Day in November 2014 in Ancona, Italy.

At this year’s edition of PHP conference held in Verona, Italy, dedicated to PHP development, technologies and management, our developer Giorgio Sironi joined the international line-up of speakers with his talk on ‘How to test 2 years of behaviour for 16 countries in 4 minutes and 30 seconds’. A great example of effective time and processes management, that gave excellent results.

It’s all about Javascript! The first edition of Italian JS Day, held this year in Verona, gathered some of the best local and global JS experts, who shared their expertise on different case studies, project management, new technologies, development environments, best practices and what interests us the most, mobile development. Our developer Federico Galassi talked about ‘The strange world of Javascript and all its little asynchronous beasts’. His main goal: “Let’s stop JavaScript from being an unfamiliar place and make it feel much more like home!”.

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